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UPDATE: Lousiana Teacher Eval Bill Declared Unconstitutional

March 4, 2013

Louisiana’s teacher evaluation legislation, ACT 1, was just declared unconstitutional!


Breaking news on Monday, March 4, 2013, from the Baton Rouge Advocate:

A law that makes it harder for teachers to earn and retain a form of job protection called tenure was declared unconstitutional Monday morning. State District Judge R. Michael Caldwell, who in December upheld key parts of the law, reversed himself after hearing arguments from both sides.

The ruling was a victory for the Louisiana Federation of Teachers, which filed the lawsuit and said that the 2012 measure would essentially end teacher tenure in Louisiana.

“It is a day to smile for us,” LFT President Steve Monaghan said after the hearing.

Jimmy Faircloth, attorney for the state, said he would appeal Caldwell’s ruling.

The measure, known as Act 1, won approval in the Legislature last year and was pushed by Gov. Bobby Jindal.

But the LFT filed a lawsuit in June, arguing that the measure illegally contained multiple…

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  1. Maiyoua Vang permalink

    I’m sharing this with the michigan state house. And the White House! Thanks!

  2. Peg Metzger (Bflo, NY ) permalink

    Wonderful! I hope we can have the same result here in New York.
    Love your blogs.:)

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