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My Very First Youtube Posting

July 9, 2013

Dr. Raynard Sanders of the New Orleans Imperative radio program (; invited me to speak on his hour-long show about school performance scores, the Recovery School District (RSD) and Teach for America (TFA). I spoke for about 20 minutes; then, phone lines were opened for a few callers. I spoke some more; a couple more callers.

Topics also included lack of charter accountability and the recent charter school audit; selective enrollment charters, vouchers, Course Choice (online vendors) and ways for parents to make their voices heard.

One of the callers was Louella Givens, who lost her BESE seat to amply-reform-funded TFAer Kira Orange-Jones. A little background on that BESE seat purchase:

In just one of these [BESE seat] races, the executive director of Teach for America Greater New Orleans-Louisiana Delta, Kira Orange Jones, outspent attorney Louella Givens, who was endorsed by the state’s main teacher’s unions, by more than thirty-four to one: $472,382 to $13,815.

To support Orange Jones’s campaign against Givens, Eli Broad, billionaire head of the education reform organization the Broad Foundation and a major trainer and placer of school superintendents (including John White), chipped in $5,000. Reed Hastings of Netflix kicked in the same. Houston energy hedge fund billionaire John Arnold and his wife Laura gave a total of $10,000, as did Walmart heiress Carrie Walton Penner and her husband Greg. New York City’s second-wealthiest man, Michael Bloomberg, contributed $10,000 as well. [Emphasis added.]

In an effort to make a troublesome link for this show available to a friend, I created my first youtube posting today.  The clip was originally just an audio clip, but youtube requires visual to accompany audio, so I hastily added a few pretty pictures for the audience to view while listening. (If you are looking for dazzling visuals, this is not the post for you.)

Do enjoy:

  1. Chiara permalink

    Mercedes, just wanted to thank you for the work that you do.
    It’s really important that there be some opposition, some dissent to this take-over of public school systems.

  2. Jan Allen permalink

    Read the book by Dr. Denise Wilburn/Jim Horn- The Mismeasure of Education ( you’d love it! Thank you, Mercedes, for getting the word out! Loved the post! Thank goodness for people like yourself that are not afraid to speak out. Everyone may wake up one day, our kids are suffering.
    Art teacher in TN/ and RA for Washington County Education Association/TEA

  3. Valentingymn permalink

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