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NEA Says Its Members “Strongly Support” Common Core?

September 12, 2013

Here we go again with the CCSS support propaganda from an organization that has accepted millions from Bill Gates to promote the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

The National Education Association (NEA) wants you to want CCSS.

It conducted a survey.

Surprise, surprise.

NEA has decided to fully follow in the American Federation of Teachers’ (AFT’s) footsteps. AFT accepted Gates money for promoting the CCSS; so did NEA. AFT conducted a survey in which it reported that teachers “overwhelmingly” approved of CCSS; NEA now has its own survey in which it reports that its members “strongly support” CCSS. The AFT survey result actually showed that most teachers surveyed “somewhat approve” of CCSS, yet AFT spun the result as one of “overwhelming” approval. Now NEA is spinning its 50% CCSS approval with “some reservations” as “strong approval.”

NEA must spread this “strong” approval message, for it has accepted millions to promote this message– just like AFT has.

NEA believes that the standards have the potential to have an enormous impact on student learning, but in order to fulfill the standards’ worthy goals, teachers must be provided with the time, tools and resources to help make implementation a success.

And here is the Gates-CCSS money for NEA:

Date: July 2013
Purpose: to support a cohort of National Education Association Master Teachers in the development of Common Core-aligned lessons in K-5 mathematics and K-12 English Language Arts
Amount: $3,882,600 [Emphasis added.]

Just as there was Gates-CCSS money for AFT:

Date: June 2012
Purpose: to support the AFT Innovation Fund and work on teacher
development and Common Core State Standards
Amount: $4,400,000 [Emphasis added.]

Thus, the NEA declaration of “strong support” is suspect, especially if one reads the immediate contradiction evident in its own reporting:

According to a new poll by the National Education Association, the Common Core State Standards are strongly supported by its members. Roughly two-thirds of educators are either wholeheartedly in favor of the standards (26 percent) or support them with “some reservations” (50 percent). [Emphasis added.]

Don’t miss this because this would have been the honest way to report:  Strong support is not 26% wholeheartedly in favor.

Half of NEA members surveyed expressed reservations regarding CCSS. Thus, the NEA survey result reflects modest support.

13% of their 1200 members (teachers?) surveyed offered no opinion.

At least NEA reported actual percentages for its categories. AFT glaringly omitted this step in its spring declaration of “overwhelming” CCSS approval.

Nothing to see here, folks.

On behalf of NEA, allow me to apologize for the waste of your time.



  1. jo ann permalink

    Do you have individual states data to prove this because in my state of RI, the AFT accepted CC and they accepted and supported the RacettTop…but not the RI NEA, they were against it…this is why I ask..

    • I do not have individual data per state. However, if NEA surveyed 40 states, that wouild mean an average of only 30 “members” (their word) were surveyed per state.

  2. VermontTeacher permalink

    As a member of the NEA, I never took any kind of survey about the Common Core. I do not support it nor do I support the Obama regime’s efforts to control public education in America.

  3. ira shor permalink

    26% is “strong support”? Please. A “public relations” stunt to create illusion of popularity for CCSS, in the realm of persuading doubters and critics that “resistance is futile,” but opposition grows.

  4. In researching a consitutionality issue on Common Core for a presentation I am making to the local Tea Party (who strongly opposes CCSS) I found this article and this excerpt from the article on the World Socialist Website. Aug. 5, 2013. Who’d of thunk it?

    “Alongside the development of the CCSS, which is supported by the country’s two main labor unions for educators, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (NEA), states across the country are increasingly linking teacher evaluations to the test-based performance of students. Thus, the implementation this coming year of the CCSS, which utilizes standardized exams to assess student learning, increases the probability that teachers will lose their positions if students perform poorly.”

  5. A true hearted THANKS for all the information and follow through. I did work for the Chicago Archdiocese and saw first hand how this once great school system would slowly turn into a Chicago Public school. The vast majority of teacher really are not sure and do not have a clue about CCSS, just another idea that will go away. HA! Since they need the money they’ll do anything and not listen to anyone. Keep up the very good work!

  6. NEA and AFT leadership need to answer for their perfidious behaviors.

  7. Disgusted Teacher permalink

    AFT & NEA need to answer for this. Is this not a conflict of interest to accept this money? Their jobs are not to push CC, but to protect their members.

  8. Here is why the Teachers Unions are supporting Common Core:

    Bill and Melinda Foundation Awarded Grants:
    The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education 2013 College-Ready US Program $3,882,600
    The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education 2013 College-Ready US Program $2,426,500
    The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education 2012 College-Ready US Program $99,997
    The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education 2012 College-Ready US Program $550,000
    The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education 2010 College-Ready US Program $38,420
    The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education 2009 and earlier College-Ready US Program $358,915


    And THAT is only the NEA! There are more unions, foundations, NGA’s, ect. that have been BOUGHT (bribed) to ‘Support’ CCSS.

  9. Um…just wondering what the AFT and the NEA did with the nearly $4 million they received from the Gates Foundation? They surely haven’t done anything to support teachers in the transition to Common Core other than asking teachers to upload their lessons to a website for free. Nothing like the unions asking for teachers to work for free.

  10. Mike Archer permalink

    NEA and AFT leadership should revoke their endorsement of Common Core because it perpetuates the misuse & overuse of standardized testing, imposes unhealthy levels of regimentation upon younger students, narrows curriculum when students need a well-rounded education, channels money away from students into the hands of corporations, and furthers the destructive trend of converting schools into testing centers.

    What can parents do? Opt students out of standardized, high-stakes testing. Impede the flow of garbage data into the garbage EdReform machine.

  11. A recent NEA survey shows a landslide against the current standardized tests and everything associated with them – high stakes, VAM, top down curriculum, expense, inefficiency, overwhelm, unfairness, loss of electives … Speaking as one of those asked to summarize the survey, we will count up the actual pro and con views and get back to you.

    • Thank you, RB. I would appreciate that.

      • Since there were almost 1000 respondents, we summarized general topics and views – as instructed. It never occurred to us to actually tabulate results – until now when I saw your article showing how figures were misrepresented in 2013. It’ll take a while, but let’s keep ’em honest.

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