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Deasy, Apple, Pearson, and Gates: A Post Worth Hacking Into

October 1, 2013

Thirty million dollars is the iceberg tip for what the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) under the direction of reform-minded, unaccredited Broad Superintendents Academy graduate John Deasy decided to shell out in June in the name of supporting Common Core. The purchase: Apple iPads.

To date, the estimated cost of this fiasco has risen to $1 billion.

This mammoth pricetag is to be paid from the arguably illegal misappropriation of voter-approved construction bonds, Measure R and Measure Y.

I’m sure Los Angeles voters probably envisioned Apple Computer as a likely recipient of their school renovation funding. It all seems so logical– at least to the Los Angeles Daily News, which describes the purchase as “an ambitious plan to equip every pupil with a tablet computer within the next 14 months.”

The iPads are supposed to offer students the 2014 Common Core (CCSS) curriculum and also to enable students to take the CCSS assessments. Each iPad includes Pearson education software.

No keyboards were purchased.  Thirty million and no keyboards for those upcoming CCSS assessments upon which all hinges.

No problem; it seems that in their students’ hacking into the security settings in order to utilize the iPads for preferred adolescent uses, LAUSD’s CCSS goal has already been met:

Officials also said that digital knowledge is a key component of their goal to prepare every student for college or a job by the time they graduate.

Play Pomp and Circumstance and hand out the diplomas. It appears that LAUSD kids are Prepared for Jobs in the Twenty-first Century.

The details I have relayed above are now popular in the news. What has not been openly publicized is the interconnectedness of key players in this LAUSD iPad fiasco.

Apple and Pearson: Old Friends

First, let us consider a statement from the Los Angeles Daily News article cited above:

The deal is a huge win for Apple, as the district expects to continue with the same vendor as it acquires the technology that can support the new Common Core curriculum launching in 2014, as well as a new online state testing system. [Emphasis added.]

“The deal is a huge win for Apple.” Keep in mind that Pearson also wins big for its equipping each iPad with education software. Pearson is connected with both CCSS testing consortia, so it wields power related to issues of CCSS.

What is not so well known is that Apple and Pearson had joined forces in the past in order to be huge winners– and they ended up in court on the wrong end of an antitrust lawsuit:

The Justice Department jumped directly into the fight over the future of digital books on Wednesday — and Amazon came out the winner.

In an action that could lower the price of e-books and shift the expanding market in Amazon’s favor, the Justice Department slapped Apple and five of the largest book publishers with an antitrust lawsuit, charging that the companies colluded to raise the price of e-books. [Emphasis added.]

One of those five publishers was the Penguin Group, a Pearson subsidiary.

This antitrust story is textbook for revealing the corporate worship of profits, so allow me to relay details:

The inquiry hinged on the question of whether publishers, at the urging of Steven P. Jobs, then Apple’s chief executive, agreed to adopt a new policy in 2010 that in essence coordinated the price of newly released e-books at the price offered in Apple’s iBookstore — typically between $12.99 and $14.99.

At the time, Apple with its blockbuster iPad was trying to challenge Amazon’s hold on the e-book market. Amazon, the online retail giant, had become a kind of Walmart for the e-book business by lowering the price of most new and best-selling e-books to $9.99 — a price meant to stimulate sales of its own e-reading device, the Kindle.

Publishers, looking for leverage against Amazon, saw Apple as their white knight. The Justice Department complaint, using language that could have been inspired by a best-selling white-collar crime novel, describes how executives from the publishing companies met to discuss business matters “in private rooms for dinner in upscale Manhattan restaurants,” tried to hide their communications by issuing instructions to “double-delete” e-mails, all the time complaining of Amazon’s increasing influence over the e-book market.

Ultimately, the Justice Department charges, the publishers and Apple conspired to limit e-book price competition, increasing Amazon’s e-book retail prices and causing “consumers to pay tens of millions of dollars more for e-books than they otherwise would have paid.”

Three publishers that were investigated, the Hachette Book Group, Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins, have already agreed to a settlement that will most likely overturn their pricing model. Macmillan and Penguin Group USA, which were also named in the suit, have not settled. [Emphasis added.]

Both Apple and Pearson have demonstrated that the bottom line is The Bottom Line.

Back to LAUSD: Once again, Apple and Pearson are working together, and once again, money is the object. This is not “for the kids.”

Gates and Pearson

Now let’s bring Bill Gates into the mix. In April 2011, Pearson announced its partnership with Gates in digitally promoting CCSS:

NEW YORK–The Pearson Foundation today announced a partnership with  the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support America’s teachers by creating  a full series of digital instructional resources. Online courses in  math and reading/English language arts will offer a coherent and  systemic approach to teaching the new Common Core State Standards.

As you read this next paragraph, envision those eager, social-networking-motivated LAUSD students hacking into their construction-bond-funded iPads:

“The development of the Common Core Standards has set a high bar  for public education in America,” said Pearson Chief Executive  Marjorie Scardino. “With the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates  Foundation and the: Pearson Foundation, we’ll aim high to devise courses that will engage teachers and students and try to help a: new generation  compete in  a demanding world economy.” [Emphasis added.]

To recap: We have Gates backing Pearson, and Pearson collaborating with Apple.

Deasy: Former Gates Exec

Now, let’s add LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy.

The June 2013 Los Angeles Daily News article is careful to mention that Deasy, who holds stock in Apple, exited the room during LAUSD’s voting to (mis)appropriate the construction bonds for Apple iPads:

The vote was 6-0, with board member Bennett Kayser abstaining because he owns stock in Apple. He and Superintendent John Deasy, another Apple stockholder, left the board room during the discussion. [Emphasis added.]

What the article fails to mention is that Deasy is a former director of the Gates Foundation education division, and that Gates is financing Pearson, a tight CCSS company that is  a major part of this iPad deal:

SEATTLE — The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced today that Dr. John E. Deasy has been named deputy director of its education division within its United States Program. … In his new position, Deasy will focus on promoting policies and practices throughout the country designed to ensure that all students graduate high school with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in college. …He is expected to begin work at the foundation on February 1, 2009.

Deasy has stock in Apple; Gates “has stock” in Deasy.

Convenient, ain’t it?

The Great Irony

And now, for the great, behind-the-scenes irony:

In his involvement with Pearson, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, is indirectly promoting an Apple product.

Apple has surpassed Microsoft because the brutal Microsoft business model–the very same business model that Gates is promoting as the solution for “excellent” teachers in American public education– led to Microsoft’s downfall. As this Vanity Fair article excerpt notes:

Analyzing one of American corporate history’s greatest mysteries—the lost decade of Microsoft—two-time George Polk Award winner (and V.F.’s newest contributing editor) Kurt Eichenwald traces the “astonishingly foolish management decisions” at the company that “could serve as a business-school case study on the pitfalls of success.” Relying on dozens of interviews and internal corporate records—including e-mails between executives at the company’s highest ranks—Eichenwald offers an unprecedented view of life inside Microsoft during the reign of its current chief executive, Steve Ballmer, in the August issue. Today, a single Apple product—the iPhone—generates more revenue than all of Microsoft’s wares combined.

Eichenwald’s conversations reveal that a management system known as “stack ranking”—a program that forces every unit to declare a certain percentage of employees as top performers, good performers, average, and poor—effectively crippled Microsoft’s ability to innovate. “Every current and former Microsoft employee I interviewed—every one—cited stack ranking as the most destructive process inside of Microsoft, something that drove out untold numbers of employees,” Eichenwald writes. “If you were on a team of 10 people, you walked in the first day knowing that, no matter how good everyone was, 2 people were going to get a great review, 7 were going to get mediocre reviews, and 1 was going to get a terrible review,” says a former software developer. “It leads to employees focusing on competing with each other rather than competing with other companies.”  [Emphasis added.]

In short, the Gates business model ran Microsoft into the ground.

Cut to Gates tied to Pearson, a Gates-financed company in turn tied to “huge profits” for Apple.

Gates likes to boast that his (they are his) educational reforms are “based upon research.” However, he fails to learn a lesson from the demise of his own company. He is, however, willing to cover his own behind via some recent backpedaling; Gates is now saying  “we probably won’t know for a decade” if the reform chokehold he has financed “will work.” As Washington Post education writer Valerie Strauss observes:

Hmmm. Teachers around the country are saddled every single year with teacher evaluation systems that his foundation has funded, based on no record of success and highly questionable “research.” And now Gates says he won’t know if the reforms he is funding will work for another decade. But teachers can lose their jobs now because of reforms he is funding.

Education reform should not be driven by private philanthropists with their own agendas, however well-intentioned. [Emphasis added.]

Gates reforms will stand the test just as well as the security settings on those iPads withstood the LAUSD students, and he knows it.

Yet all is not lost:

At least Apple is making a killing.

  1. Interesting, informative and answered some questions that I had been wondering about! Thanks for doing the research and providing it in an easy to read format! I will be sharing this!

  2. Ellen LUbic permalink

    Ah so…but Gates remains one of the richest men on the planet. Actually Mercedes, our Governor Moonbeam..oops, meant Brown, must enter this nepotistic mix since he pushed for California taxpayers to foot the bills by way of a bond issue, and by Prop, 30. He did this with terrible threats to virtually shut down public education if the public did not come through with the funding he demanded.

    He thus raised $ 2 Billion, and at his State of the State address this year told us all that he was going to direct most of this windfall to inner city students. Some parents in cities like Malibu were not happy to hear this. But most educators agreed with him. Next thing we heard was that this money was to be used to support studying for Common Core, the new law of land imposed by Obama/Duncan.

    Then we learned that he directed $ 1 Billion of our taxpayer money to LAUSD to buy tablets so students could study CC and take the CC tests online. This saga then takes us to Deasy/Aquino and their inner circle of hired hands all from the Broad Academy philosophy, where the next thing the public learned was that they started this major purchase from Apple with a $350 Million order of iPads, After that it was learned that they forgot that they needed Keyboards which will now cost another $35 Million for just the few schools in start up, not for all the 650,000 LAUSD students who eventually were to have iPads too.

    And they never figured out how to indemnify anyone it the tablets were lost or stolen or broken.

    Then we heard that all schools would have to be WiFi wired, and if the students were to take the iPads home, then all the inner city students, living in poverty, would have to have their homes also WiFi connected.

    In this unending scenario, the frauds, lies, and misinformation the public, we who are paying for all this, is kept at arms length. Now a few days ago Brown vetoed a bill to put a stop to this waste with some careful State oversight.

    So there are now so many players feeding at the public trough, but no one with the courage to do the right thing and say stop to this waste of such a huge amount, and no one at the School Board with the cajones to fire the ultimate ‘perps,’ Deasy and his henchmen. Many of us have demanded that the School Board have a transparent process of searching and vetting any new candidates for the top administrators, but my group Joining Forces for Education, has not had the courtesy of any Board member contacting us.

    In the next election, all of these members should be voted out if they continue to play ‘footsie’ with Eli Broad who mandated Deasy’s hiring, and of course the farce of Common Core must be reevaluated since most educators see the many failures it presents to students. At least Brown, at the instigation of 2 of our state legislators, did say no CC testing in 2014 since students would not yet have even studied the core material. Did I mention that the test was to take place in Jan. 2014 with NO ONE getting the results except the testers. Certainly that was to prevent the public from seeing the failures in California as they did in NYC when the results showed about 90% had failed.

    It is all an obscene corporate soap opera and shows how the 1% are ruling us all with iron fists.

  3. Wow! How did this blog escape my notice? I am glad to see cogent, complex thinking on all this IPad/Deasy lunacy. This blog hits all the notes while generating further discourse.

    It is incredibly difficult to put the peices together sometimes because a lot of what these folks do is deliberately disruptive and seems to defy logic as we know it. The truth is, these billionaires tend to be stupid but money and power allow them to get away with that and far worse. Now Broad and the Waltons are not hard to see for what they are. Between white flight, tract housing , AIG and the Belmont Black Hole, Broad has my vote as the most evil man alive. He and Gates together conjur up images of Pinky and Brain. Only they are not funny. Well Broad isn’t.
    He is stealing LA schools and museums and…oh don’t get me started.
    The Waltons are the richest humans in America last I heard. They run Walmart, an enterprise that operates with a demoralizing wage slave attitude beside “Christian” pretenses, which want us to believe that because Walmart trains workers on how to score public aid while working for them 39 hours a week, and not a second more to avert paying healthcare, they are good people. Christ would be turning over racks of rags and blue light specials were he alive today and wandered into a super store—you better believe those Waltons would want him crucified for it too. People cannot believe I will not shop at Walmart. They get rhapsodic about the savings. I would rather rant about how much Walmart has cost us. Who pays for their wage slaves’ medical? Who subsudizes section 8 and foods tsamps which these hard working people should not have to apply for?
    Of course, many teachers at LAUSD have been laid off and replaced by TFA which Walmart is happy to pay for. When their investment pays off, the teachers will be disposable, cheap, like everythng in that god awful store. Like the working poor they have on staff inside it.
    However, people, myself included, seem to see Gates in another light.
    He meddles in matters that are deeply important: medicine, global politics and education—typically no good comes from these efforts. I have been up close and personal with Gates efforts to help improve education. The dude is a wrecking ball.
    I was part of the SLC ( small learning communities) experiment. It actually worked. But anythng works if you are committed to these kids and your school. My school made historic gains with SLCs and won a grant for millions . And as long as we could keep our scores up, we were golden. It was wonderful for little while, but as soon as we got that grant, LAUSD usurped teacher driven paradigms, replaced our strong, decent principal with this horrid little Broadie and started to destroy all we built.
    His money was a curse, and none of it was ever spent as Gates allocated it– for keeping teachers on staff, purchasing incentives for students to do well on the test and developing our unique academies. SLCs were propped up as a pretense as the Broadie despot started trashing us, driving out staff that had been at the school forever and soon all we had was gone. It was horrendous, as kids epdropped out, went back to gangs and teachers were divided and conquered.
    I fought back. I reported the misuse of money, the unchecked teacher bullies who abused students and felonious noncompliance in special ed, where chilren were ruthlessly exploited and endangered. It landed me in teacher jail for two years. Then I was illegally fired and lost my house.
    I was on my way to skid row with my son thanks to Bill Gates, who blamed teachers because SLCs failed. SLCS DID NOT FAIL! BILL GATES DID.
    Because I knew of many teachers in other LAUSD schools who shared my experience, I knew what Gates said was a lie but believe Gates believed it. The principal used the grant to insulate himself with bad teachers, who were promited to jobs outside the classroom. They just made up jobs, then they would have eraser parties at test season to secure the grant which was being procured by a local supt. He probably delivered most of it to Deasy. This kind of thing has been going on before Deasy came. The district is so corrupt it neatly collapsed on itself, had Eli Broad not swooped in to save LAUSD in the 90s , reform may not be here like a plague upon us. Broad’s an opportunist. This is his genuis, and it is sectacular. Unfortunately, the rest of us oay for his vision.
    I am speculating, but it seems to me Bill Gates buys whatever his yes people tell him without question. He is so busy scattering himself in all these different endeavors he relies on others to tell him what is happening. Had he actually researched anything, he’d be wary of trusting anyone at LAUSD. But Gates hires people to do reserch and they tend to produce whatever results he seems to be after. The Windows 7& 8 debacle reflects how little interest he has in his own enterprises as well as what a poor judge of character he is. Emperor with new clothes is his archetype.
    But if he is hapless, which is what most of us see in his goofy visage, it is still unforgivable that he refuses to fully accept and admit his part in demolishng others’ lives. Nevermind ripping them off with bad software that unleashes zombie cookies on PCs
    I can get over the fact that thanks to Bill Gates I have spammed Viagra ads to my contacts while asleep, but while what he did to my school may not be intentional, it still destroyed teachers’ lives, derailed the promise of kids without much else and ushered in the hellish test factories we have to look forward to in our near future.
    In fact, the future is now, and Bill Gates’ foolish belief in testing illustrates how little he knows about anything…. his ignorance & arrogance are evil too. He may be convinced he is a do gooder and that his frequent need to “rethink ” things is okay, he has an inherent indifference to human suffering that is troubling.
    Gates aserts his efforts are to help people, but how many people do you think he actually helps? How many people does he actually empathize with? Certainly not us saps who get dinged and then frustrated by his subpar products. And he definitey has no sympathy for teachers whatsoever. He is aligned to Pearson, a trough as Ellen noted, where these pigs feed. They devour our money, our children’s futures and our communities’ hope. They do not need any of it. They do not need a damned thing. But they take what little we have and convince themselves they are doing us some kind of favor.
    Keep your charity, Mr. Gates. We are better off without it and you.

  4. George Buzzetti permalink

    Here are the real documented facts from the Jaime Aquino Feb 12, 2013 power point and from the board material from the last board meeting no one read. However, since people high up trust us to not ever reveal for over 20 years where material comes from I was given the final straw on the insurance and students paying for them.

    First, it is illegal in California to use school construction bond money to purchase any general fund item except for new classroom construction under the catagory of “Other” which is for books, desks, printers and such. It is also illegal to use bond money for any educational purpose such as salaries except for construction.

    In the Feb.12, 2013 power point there are 5 different prices from $200 with a 5 year guarantee to $1598 to start. The board approved without any terms and conditions the original $30 million for 3,000 devices. These I-Pads only have 32 GB of memory. My old laptop has a real screen, keyboard, and 220 GB of memory and that is not enough as I have a terrabyte and a 1/2 full on top of that so what is 32GB? The cost is:
    32 GB LAUSD iPad $599.00
    iPad case 79.95
    USB charger 19.00
    USB sync cable 19.00
    keyboard 59.00
    total $775.95

    How is it that in 2-4 weeks does it go from the stated on page 16 no more than $200 with 5 year guarantee to $1,000, as approved by the board without any terms and conditions, with a 3 year guarantee? LAUSD spends $80/student/year. $200/5=$40/year/student for the device at $200. $1,000/3=$333/year/student. $200 equals an extra $26 million/year for other educational purposes. $1,000 equals a loss of $254/year/student for a loss/year of $136,000,000/year for a loss of $408 million over 3 years. To get they spread over 3 years you must add the loss and the surplus for a total of extra spending of $408,000,000 + $78,000,000 = $486,000,000. What would you do?

    Now to the insurance. Dated Sept. 13, 2013 is the stack of papers given to the board on the insurance of the iPads. It is about 40 pages. The Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) was in 2001. then there is the April 25, 2006 Acceptable Use Policy on the network or internet. Attachment A states Bulletin 5509 with ed code 48904 which allows parents or legal guardians to be charged up to $10,000 for willful or negligent damage or loss of electronic devices. There is also ed code 98904.3, 5 CCR 438, LAUSD Board Rule 1704 and UTLA Agreement IX 4.0 to consider. Procedures state that students and parents will be informed at the beginning of each year or when enrolled. Never happens. In the power point it states that they are waiting for legislation for students to take them home. In the Rules and Regulations Concerning Use of iPads Assigned to Students (Attachment D) #23 states “I understand that this agreement DOES NOT allow me to remove the iPad from the school site. Earlier under SECURITY item 5 states “I will use the iPad only in the classroom and I will check the iPad back in to the teacher and return it to _______________ each day. Under RESPONSIBILITY item 20 it states “I agree to return the district iPad in good working condition to the designated location (specified above) each day. I understand that I am responsible for using the iPad and will pay for replacement in the event I damage the iPad either willfully or through negligence (see current replacement costs below).

    Now how is it that there is no depreciation on these? Why were they sent home when not legal and they did not sign for that? How do you study without books at home? Why the insurance problem? They are either insured as is stated or they are not? If they stay at school what is the big problem unless there is an iPad fight with them being thrown around in the room with the teacher there? After all they are supposed to be picked up everyday according to the districts most recent documentation. Why did they go to 5X more with 40% less insurance? How can those who will profit have anything to do with this? That is totally unethical and illegal. How can they use bond money illegally and no one says anything except a few of us? Why is the board letting this happen? Why do they allow staff to lie when we have the documentation and they know it. In a few days the real bomb is dropping internationally on them to the press. This is just a taste. You will first be able to see the documents on “Hemlock on the Rocks.” The preliminary analysis and 8 pages of documentation are up there now. When the bomb is dropped it will include all related documents, the power point and the analysis with the timeline. They are finished with this and will be lucky to stay out of jail when all is over. Why isn’t anyone doing the financial work. You cannot win against them unless you know the money. What do you think they want after all?

    • I don’t know about California Dream land, but in most states, it is ILLEGAL to enter into a contract with a minor.
      Any such contract is unenforceable.
      They gave away the Ipads.
      Where’s mine?

  5. George Buzzetti permalink

    I know Rene and the hell she and the about 800 other teachers falsely charged and illegally terminated with the assistance of UTLA and their attorneys. There is no legally required “Skelly Hearings or “Due Process.” Their attorney illegally terminates as they are required by law to have “Personal Knowledge” of what happened. Never happens. Teachers are cleared by the police after an investigation and then the district terminates them. What is the new board doing? Absolutely nothing, that’s what! Blah, blah,blah. As peoples lives are ruined. I first got involved in this issue in about 1995 when teachers came to me with this problem. It led to 80-90 before we got the only California State Audit of LAUSD by an individual. This audit was about LAUSD falsely charging teachers with child abuse for whistle blowing and for principals stealing student impress funds. Politicians fought us every inch of the way. I mean democrats and I am what I call “A Real Democrat” not these phony Tea Partier democrats like Obama. Two brave republicans helped us. One who is city attorney for San Diego who just refused to refile a suit on a falsely charged teacher which hit the news outside of San Diego. I think it was because of his experience with this issue that he totally understood it and he also used to be a judge.

    This must stop. I have seen too many lives ruined since 1995. Only two that I know take these calls that is me and Lenny. I know that Rene gets some also. I am the only non teacher so they cannot get me at work. They use other attempted slimy means to try but they continue to lose. If teachers have an ax over their head 24-7 how are they going to be good teachers? It takes motivation to have people work at their best, not depression. This is the absurdity of it all just to get rid of high time, high pay, at the rule of 80 teachers for the 5 week wonders from TFA. Would you want a 5 week wonder working on the airplane you get on or to fix your car or electrical or plumbing? NO way, so why teachers with the most important job there is? Teaching is also an art not rote. A teacher has X number of classes a day with X students in each class. Multiply the two and you have the total number/day of individual lessons you really need to have to get the most our of each individual student. This is a serious game not play station. Society and our future is at risk with this insanity.

  6. For the record, the police were never called in my case, which included accusations of assault and making death threats, all based on the hearsay of another teacher who I reported for abusing a student. Because these are egregious and felonies to boot, it is strange indeed. Of course, I did no e of this nor was i planning a school shooting spree which is what the pricipal told 100 of my collagues during a staff meeting in which he ranted about me for30 minutes , accusing me of calling his home to make threads and of being a danger to my community.
    In a way I am a danger because I will not stand for this crap. If they think I am going to let them steal schools from our kids they are even stupider than I thought. There is a zero tolerance policy on integrity at LAUSD. We need to adopt that zero tolerance approach to school leaders who are incompetent, corrupt and criminally indifferent to the welfare of our children.

    Shame on you Maonica Ratliff! You know better

  7. George Buzzetti permalink

    This happens in so many cases I have seen since about 1995 when teachers asked me for help with their false criminal accusations by LAUSD. This is a continuing tragedy. You cannot really understand what they go through until you have taken the calls. Our friend, Lenny Isenburg, at, is the real hero to me. They falsely accused Lenny of crimes as yet 3 years later unproven and unsettled and yet he sits and takes many new calls every day from teachers falsely accused who are going crazy not understanding how they are accused of some of the most vile things and they did nothing. Even after the police completing an investigation of the most serious nature say there is no evidence of any kind LAUSD still terminates them. In 1997 we had this issue audited by the California State Auditor. In order to make this happen you have to meet privately with them. You have to get legislators to sponsor the issue before the California Joint Legislative Audit Committee. This is not easy to just get the issue heard to see if they will sent it to the auditor and then to get the committee to approve the audit is another thing politically. It happened and you can read it at the California State Auditors website and the audit is Oct. 1997, 96121. The tragedy for the presently falsely charged people is that this is how many years later and it is worse now than before and LAUSD agreed to stop this behavior. This is why I say we are a lawless country if you have connections and power. Read Rene’s blog at “Hemlock on the Rocks.” There you can see some of the documents on the iPad debacle and soon the “Big Banana.”

  8. This wonderful article makes me wonder what Apple’s management strategy is. If it’s not “stack ranking” (sort of like students in a classroom too), what IS it?

  9. George Buzzetti permalink

    Harlan $30,000,000 is for only 3,178 students and teachers. There are 549,000 who go to school everyday, ADA, and about 650,000+ enrolled. Using iPads instead of the original less expensive laptops creates instead of a positive $26 million/year a negative of over $150 million/year. In three years instead of a positive $78 million for educational purposes there will be almost a negative $500 million. Good business I say. Gates and Broad, is this how you made all your money by giving it away?

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