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Wisconsin Professor Testifies Against Common Core

October 20, 2013

In this 20-minute youtube video, Dr. Duke Pesta of the University of Wisconsin offers some informative background on the origins of Common Core (CCSS), including CCSS funding; on the lack of teacher and professor involvement in CCSS development; on the limited input of standards experts in developing CCSS; on the federal government’s role; on CCSS curriculum, and on his experience with university students who are products of CCSS English curriculum.

Pesta offers a list of states backing out of CCSS, “in whole or in part.” He lists Louisiana. We are not out yet, but there is resistance.

Feel free to comment on where your state is in regards to CCSS.

This video is an excellent complement to my post on the CCSS Memorandum of Understanding as well as my series on Gates CCSS funding.

  1. Thank you Mercedes!

  2. I am scheduled to present my argument against Coomon Core to an Interim Study of an Oklahoma House sub-committee on November 5th. I expect this video will be very helpful in preparing my remarks as was your earlier blog on the Memorandum of Understanding. Thanks for your hard work!

  3. Excellant Mercedes. You do an incredible job. I am meeting with another school brd member tomorrow to get him up top speed on exactly what CC is and is not. I will email this to him also.
    Here is the “meeting” our community had with our school board last month

  4. Ang permalink

    Not everyone who opposes or questions CC is right wing christian.
    And many many more.
    But nice try attempting to conflate the two.

  5. Peter Cook, if you are looking for your comment to Ang, you will not find it.

    I deleted it.

    You may not bash followers of Christ on my blog. I am a follower of Christ.

    Furthermore, if I deem the tone of your future comments as vindictive, I will delete.

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