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Ninety-five Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) Documents

November 1, 2013

There is more to a website than the information accessed by clicking its active links. This I learned years ago in my dealings with statistics software that utilizes both windows and code.

Armed with such knowledge, yesterday I spent six hours combing the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) website searching for useful information “hidden in plain sight,” so to speak.

My hours on the LDOE site yielded some informative finds. In the reformer-touted spirit of “transparency,” I would like to share in this post what amounts to a small library of 95 LDOE documents.

This post is not the result of my hacking into LDOE. For none of these files was I asked to provide a password.

As for the 95 files below, I spent an additional six hours converting and cataloguing. I saved all of the files to my blog. Thus, access is no longer LDOE-dependent.

Some of these files might be publicly available elsewhere. Given the tight rein White has on all information LDOE, I think that much of what I share here has not been made public until now.

I considered waiting to publicize the files until I was able to write about each; however, I thought it better to offer the information freely to any who wishes to read them.  Also, I know that my fellow bloggers and researchers will make fine use of the wealth of information in these documents.

In reading such information, I certainly have learned more about John White’s determination to promote charters, vouchers, and online education companies to the undeniable detriment of the community school.

I have tried to give the files names that clearly convey the content. In some cases, I named a file based upon included information that caught my attention.

All of the files are alphabetized according to my newly-created file names.

Happy Transparent Reading.

2012-13 MFP Extended School Year Final Allocations

2012-13 SPS FAQ

2013 Tech Contract Info for PK-12

2013-14 MFP Overview

2013-14 MFP Proposal

Act 1 Compensation Guidelines

Act 1 Compensation Overview for Charter Managers

ACT Series LDOE Promo

Alt Assess and ACT FAQ

April 2013 inBloom FAQ

April 2013 inBloom memo

Avg ACT 2010-11 A Schools

Avg ACT 2010-11 B Schools

Avg ACT 2010-11 C Schools

Avg ACT 2010-11 D Schools

Avg ACT 2010-11 F Schools

Avg LEAP 2010-11 A Schools

Avg LEAP 2010-11 B Schools

Avg LEAP 2010-11 C Schools

Avg LEAP 2010-11 D Schools

Avg LEAP 2010-11 F Schools

Bulletin 741 Revision “Myths”

Charter Eligibility Checklist

Charter Letter of Intent Follow-up

Charter Performance Compact

Charter Review Form

Charter Teacher Certification

College Board Report 2011-12

Common Core so-called Shifts

COMPASS for School Leaders

Course Choice Call for Providers

Course Choice Catalog

Course Choice memo

Course Choice Promo

Course Choice schools and seats 2012

Dashboard for Privatization

Demand for Charter Schools

Demand for Local Charter Authorizers

Demand for Type 2 Charters

Demand for Type 5 Charters

Demand for Voucher Schools

DIBELS K-3 Reading Results

Early Childhood Data Collection memo

EOC percentages by dist and school 2012

FirstLine Receives Grant

FY2012 SIG 1003(g) Funds– Eligible Schools

FY2012-13 Charter Balanced Budget Statement

FY2012-13 Early Childhood Funding

Gates-funded Common Core Networking Conference

important to hold constant… school performance

Jan 2013 Bulletin 741 Revision Notice of Intent

June 2012 Alg I EOC Dist Summary

June 2012 Alg I EOC

June 2012 Biology EOC Dist Summary

June 2012 Biology EOC

June 2012 Eng II EOC Dist Summary

June 2012 Eng II EOC

June 2012 Geometry EOC Dist Summary

June 2012 Geometry EOC


LDOE CCSS Resources (Student Achievement Partners)

Learning to Enroll Voucher Students

March 2013 MFP Adjustment memo

Marketing Charters

Math Alignment– Common Core

MFP Annual Transfer Amount (Feb 2013)

MFP Budget State Level Compar Sept 2012

MFP Course Choice Enroll Feb 2013

MFP Course Choice Enroll Sept 2012

MFP Distrib and Adjust Feb 2013

MFP Distrib and Adjust Sept 2012

MFP memo Feb 2013

MFP Transfer Amount Feb 2013

MFP Transfer Amount Sept 2012

Nonpublic Eligibility Certification

Nonpublic School Eligibility Walkthrough

Nonpublic School Teacher Cert Requirements

Pelican Institute Voucher Promo

Projected Enrollment for MFP thru 2017

Projected Enrollment memo

RIF Communication Points

RIF Template Announcement

RSD Schools Insurance

RTTT Supplement

Sept 2012 Course Choice Enroll by School

SIG 1003(g) Funds– Looks like NCLB consequences

Six Years of ACT Results 2007-12

SPS Codes

Stand for Children SPS Explanation

Tech Readiness Initiatives

Title 28 Voucher Rules

Voucher Audit Memo

Voucher Promo

Voucher Seat Awards Round 1

White’s Testimony at the House Ed Committee May 2013

  1. Do any of these documents disclose illegality?

    J. H. Underhill

  2. Gritsngumbo permalink

    Wow. What a trove of information.

  3. Stephanie permalink

    Glad you saved these documents to your own site. LDE scrubs the site EVERY time we post something in our PEACCS-LA Facebook group that they feel is threatening. (Their trolls abound.) If they have nothing to hide, and there is nothing wrong with what they’re doing, why delete documents, revise verbiage, or delete entire web pages? Thanks much for what you do here – I often share your posts with others.

  4. laMissy permalink

    Mercedes – you are truly amazing! So grateful to have you on our side of this fight!

  5. Paul Bannes permalink

    Yeoman work. Not easy, not fun, except delight in uncovering mischief.

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