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My Easter Post

April 20, 2014

Today is Easter, the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Who claimed to be the Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament.

George Friedric Handel wrote about Him in the famous musical composition, Messiah, first performed on Easter Sunday in the Musick Hall in Dublin on April 13, 1742.

I believe Jesus is the Messiah. On September 13, 1981, I made a formal and public declaration of faith in Him. I believe He is faithful to show me how to live in this world, and I believe He will take care of me beyond my death.

I believe Christ loves me profoundly and that my being convinced of His love enables me to love and serve others.

My advocating for public education is inextricable from my faith, for through this blog and through my other involvements on behalf of public education, Christ enables me to contribute productively to my world and to care for people He created and loved enough to die for.

I believe in intelligent design. I am intelligent, and I came from Intelligence.

This month, April 2014, is also special to me in that this time last year, I was diagnosed with “a huge mass” in my abdomen. I wrote about the situation in detail in my Thanksgiving post.

This year, I no longer have that mass. The situation reminded me of the complexity of the human body, of how an issue with my abdomen affected my gall bladder, my nerve sensitivity in my upper chest, water retention in my legs, and pressure to my lungs, my lower back, and particularly my right side.

So much must occur in sync for my body to operate well, and when it operates well, I hardly notice.

When I was in pain from the tumor, and when I was facing the question of whether I might die from this (and particularly whether my mother would outlive me and how she would cope), and as I was having various tests leading up to my surgery, not once did I reach for Darwin’s Origin of Species for guidance or comfort.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I am happy to use my intelligence, my wit, my senses of morality, decency, kindness, and altruism to serve humanity through my writings on this blog.

Happy Easter.


  1. Sara Wood permalink

    What a beautiful and deeply inspiring post! Thank you, Mercedes for you tenacity, perseverance and faith in keeping all informed; it is greatly appreciated. May you have a blessed Easter!! Sara

  2. Have a blessed Easter yourself and Thank you for sharing your (and mine) faith!

  3. Christie Taylor permalink

    Have a blessed Easter. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hannah permalink

    Happy Easter! There is much to be grateful for, especially as new life is ushered into being at this time of year. In my neck of the woods, the grass has turned green and there are buds on the trees!

  5. Happy Easter, Mercedes! Glad you are still here fighting the good fight. I shared your post about David Brooks on Facebook and got a curious response from a friend:

    “IDK, Marie. In one post she talks of the need for research and evidence, and in the next about her Christian faith and her belief in “Intelligent design”. Her evidence (I guess) is her statement that she had a mass inside her last year and now it is gone and never once in that year did she reach for Origin of the Species. I’m not knocking Christianity or faith; both are important to me personally, but I can’t put much faith in someone who knocks David Brooks for his lack of evidence and mocks him as an opinion writer and then spouts intelligent design in her very next post.”

    I interpreted your post differently, but I told him I’d ask you. I’m not trying to start any kind of argument, just wanted some clarification.


    • Tell him that evolution both requires too much faith of me and provides no answers on how to cope with life. If he wants to doubt my research skills based upon my faith, let him also doubt a complete accounting of creation based only upon fossil record.

    • Remind him also that thousands of years after Christ, we still continue to mark time by His life, and that no document comes close to having the number of surviving manuscripts as does the bible.

      Our country’s founding documents refer to rights given to us “by our Creator”; our pledge of allegiance includes the words “under God,” and our money includes the statement, “In God We Trust.”

      Then, there is the fact that my faith works when I face crisis.

      If he still wishes to doubt me, I am fine with that, which is also, ironically, evidence of the pervasive peace I live through my faith in Christ. My reputation is His business, not mine.

  6. Gary Tobin permalink

    Your passion is an investment into what is so right. The communities, parents and especially the kids all over the country will ultimately benefit from your divine humanitarian work.
    Thank You……

  7. Bertis Downs permalink

    Some beautiful inspiration for a very special morning. Thank you and God bless you.

  8. sprawler47 permalink

    Happy Easter to you.
    I did not know about your stomach mass and your illness but I happy it is gone. This post was meant for me to read . I have lost faith a little…I have had some terrible thiings happen…two steps up and three down..and my doubts have become the better of me so it was meant for me to read your post and be inspired and hope there is “hope” for me, too….
    Stay well, my friend. I not only enjoy your blogs but send them to my former colleageues (I am reitred now) andfriends…They need to know what’s going on in the elimination efforts of the privatization people as well as how our pensions/cola is being taking away from us (I live in RI- big court case- hedgefund investors get their 4.5% fees form the treasurer as she took away the 3% from retired teachers/state workers)
    Anyway may your Easter be a healthy, holy and happy one…
    And may you never stop informing people about what is happening in the educational-political-pension world….
    Thank you…

  9. Jamy Brice-Hyde M.Ed. permalink

    Truly inspiring.. you are this in every way.. a gift to all of us indeed you are!!

  10. June Teisan permalink

    Inspiring. Grounded in His love we can move mountains.

    Blessings to you –

    June Teisan

    MI ToY 2008

  11. Amazing and inspiring piece. Thank you so much for posting.

  12. Debbie Sachs permalink

    God has Blessed you Mercedes as you have Blessed all of us with this beautiful post! Thank you and Happy Easter.

  13. Ken Previti permalink

    Heal and flourish!

  14. Happy Easter, Mercedes!

    May I be so bold as to suggest a book?

    Finding Darwin’s God: A Scientist’s Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution is a 2000 book by the American cell biologist and Roman Catholic Kenneth R. Miller wherein he argues that evolution does not contradict religious faith. Miller argues that evolution occurred, that the earth is not young, that science must work based on methodological naturalism, and that evolution cannot be construed as an effective argument for atheism.

    Dr Miller is also a textbook author and professor or biology at Brown University.

    Many biologists and other scientists do not see faith and science as an either or choice.

    Please forgive me if this seems in any way rude or inappropriate.

    I sincerely wish you a joyous Holiday.

    Ang (the biologist).

    • Ang, thank you for your thoughtful response. Certainly no offense taken.

      As a student of probability, the idea that the magnitude of complexity required to both create and sustain life somehow originated outside of intention defies my intelligence.

      I create, and when I do so, it is with intention. Add to that the fact that I must purposely intervene daily in my life in a multitude of ways to preserve order in my life.

      I thank you for the book recommendation. I am uncertain when I might read it since I am about to begin writing a second book. 🙂

      • Mercedes,
        Thank you for all you are dining for us and our students. I eagerly await your first book and am very excited to hear of another already in the works.
        You mentioned in an interview that you are good at time management…understatement of the year!

        As to the book by Miller, I do hope you will find time to check it out one day. I think you will enjoy Miller. (He is also a great guy. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a convention a few years ago. When asked about his testimony in the Dover evolution trial, he said he was happy to do it because he didn’t want his daughters to feel they had to choose between their faith and an understanding of science, I thought that was beautiful.)
        Anyway, there are so many misconceptions about evolution/Darwin and he does a great job of clearing them up.

        Again, thank you.
        For everything.
        Keep us posted on the book release!

  15. KrazyTA permalink

    Thank you for all you have done and are doing for public education.

    Please forgive the impertinence, but do not neglect your own health and well-being while giving so much of yourself to others.

    “And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared.” [Homer]

    Remember that even the Greek heroes of myth had to take a break now and then.


  16. I concur with all the praise and wise advise all the above. I missed that Thanksgiving post as well. This knowledge makes you easily into a demigod yourself in all that you have accomplished. Thank you.

  17. Thank you for this lovely post!

  18. Michelle permalink

    Mercedes, Thank you for your beautiful testimony of Jesus. It brought peace to my day. None of us can ever say enough. John was right… The world itself could not contain the books that should be written.

  19. Rick Johnson permalink

    What a marvelous testimony. Thank you, Mercedes, for all you are doing on behalf of God’s most vulnerable, Her children. May you continue to be a blessing in this way.

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