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The Table of Contents to My Book

April 29, 2014

On April 27, 2014, I announced publication of my book, A Chronicle of Echoes: Who’s Who in the Implosion of American Public Education.

I realize that the listing of my book currently lacks the interactive component allowing shoppers the opportunity to “look inside” the book.

So, I have decided to offer some “peeks.”

In my post entitled, Bush and Rhee Endorse a Book– Fortunately, Not Mine, I included two excerpts, one from one of my Jeb Bush chapters, and one, from my Michelle Rhee chapter.

The excerpts are enlightening– all “reformer” polish removed.

Here, I wish to provide more of the book’s “big picture”: A viewing of the table of contents:

A Chronicle of Echoes: Who’s Who in the Implosion of American Public Education

Table of Contents

Acknowledgement: My Mentor, Diane Ravitch
Additional Acknowledgements
1. Joel Klein: The Man From Whom Nothing Good Comes
2. Eva Moskowitz: Stage Mother of Charter School “Success”
3. Wendy Kopp, The Leader in Temp Agency Education: Teach for America (TFA)
4. Michelle Rhee: Sociopathy Finds a Home in Ed Reform
5. Erik Hanushek: Expert Witness for “Less Doing More” in the Classroom
6. The Chicago Connection: The Daley-Vallas Years
7. The Chicago Connection: Duncan (with Obama in the Mix)
8. The Chicago Connection: Emanuel (with Obama Still in the Mix)
9. Paul Vallas Beyond Chicago: Wrecking Philadelphia
10. Paul Vallas Beyond Chicago: No Good for New Orleans or Bridgeport
11. David Coleman and His Common Core State Standards
12. Chester Finn and Frederick Hess: Pushing Reforms “Just Because”
13. Jeb Bush and His Florida Miracle (Well, Most of It)
14. Jeb Bush and His Miracle Reforms (The Rest of It)
15. Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education and Chiefs for Change
16. Michelle Rhee’s TNTP and StudentsFirst
17. Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) and Education Reform Now (ERN)
18. National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ), or So They Say
19. Stand for Children (Crush Their Teachers)
20. Black Alliance for Education Options (BAEO) and Parent Revolution (PR)
21. Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP): What Money Cannot Seem to Do
22. The Aspen and Pahara Institutes: Advancing Privatization in Fine Style
23. The Big Three Foundations: Gates, Walton, and Broad
24. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC): Manipulating the Nation State by State
Conclusion: Where to from Here?

And where might one find such a book online?

Right here and right here.



  1. Thanks for making it even more nerve wracking waiting for the postman to arrive!

  2. Hannah permalink

    ^^^ What Lee said!!!! Especially interested in the chapter about Rhee as a sociopath…. have been analyzing that concept for awhile!!!

  3. Laura h. Chapman permalink

    Great titles, especially for those of us who know the cast of characters. My order is in, but not from Amazon. I support my local bookstore.

    • Hi, Laura. I like local myself but am not known enough to tell people the book is in stock; so, I needed another venue.

      I have been telling people that they can order local. Some, like you, already know this.

  4. I want it! But in kindle. Will that be a possibility any time soon?

  5. Charlotte Vrooman permalink

    Sounds great. Just one thing. I hope eventually get to Los Angeles and the rest of California. There’s enough material to fill a whole book.

  6. David Berliner permalink

    I have admired and used your work for some time. Thanks for all you have done to expose the attacks on public education. i have ordered your book and look forward to reading it and referencing it in things I also write.

  7. john a permalink

    4. Michelle Rhee: Sociopathy Finds a Home in Ed Reform

    You are a truth teller with a morbid sense of humor. An admirable combination. With the Michelle Rhee chapter title (you nailed it!), you got me, ‘hook, line and sinker’.

  8. Rick Johnson permalink

    Like Laura, I will only purchase the book from my local bookstore. I never buy from Amazon. There is a comparison between Amazon and Wal-Mart in terms of their effects on the local community and the treatment of their workforce. Buying locally keeps the money circulating throughout the local community.

  9. patriciahale permalink

    Really nice list of the web of ed deform. I’ll read it for sure.

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