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The Ranking of My Book: Thank you!

May 3, 2014

I want to thank all who have purchased my newly-released book, A Chronicle of Echoes: Who’s Who in the Implosion of American Public Education.


On April 27, 2014, my book became available on on

That was a Sunday night. As soon as I found out, I posted this announcement.

The next day, I found out through a pre-publishing marketing announcement that pro-privatizer Paul Peterson planned to release a book in which he purports to show that the public wants privatizing reforms but that teachers are in the way of such “progress.”

His book is endorsed by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and former DC Chancellor Michelle Rhee.

Too bad for him.

In response to this news, I wrote this post in which I include excerpts on both Bush and Rhee from my book.

That brings us to the purpose of this post.

One of the advantages of selling a book on is that tracks the popularity of the books it sells– and it lists over two million books.

I am pleased to write that my book is doing quite well. It is in the top .3% of all books on As of this writing, A Chronicle of Echoes is ranked #5,194 (see “product description”).

Last night, my book was #6,199, then #6,076 a few hours later.

I have no marketing department.

My interactive book image is not yet available.

My kindle version has yet to be released.


There is more: The book Peterson released on April 29, 2014– the one in which he faults teachers for “blocking” reform– the one with an interactive image available– the one promoted by a marketing department and endorsed by Bush and Rhee– the one with a kindle edition already available–

–is currently ranked at #128,053 (see “product description”).

To all who have bought my book, to all who have sent me encouraging messages about buying and receiving and reading my book–

–I thank you sincerely.

Please continue to spread the word.

I will post a message as soon as the kindle version is available. To those who are patiently waiting, thank you.

To those who are reading my book and are pleased with it, I ask that you submit a review in Doing so will help others decide whether they wish to purchase the book.

To those who need more information, please see this post in which I include my very telling table of contents.

To readers who prefer to purchase my book through a local bookstore, know that I appreciate you, as well.

Collectively you are helping me knock the wind out of a number of smug privatizers.

It’s a good feeling.


  1. The Reading Professor permalink

    I ordered a copy on Thursday. I can’t wait to get it. Our School of Education is considering it as a read for our book club. They are awaiting my review.

    Having written three textbooks a number of years ago, I realize how much time and effort goes into this effort. Mercedes, you are performing a valuable service and should feel proud of your effort.

    • GR, thank you. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book. It was written to be studied.

  2. It amazes me the gulf of understanding that so called reformers have about what people really think about teachers. Maybe very few of them have ever bothered sending their kids to public school. Maybe they lack reflective skills to accompany their cherry picking of research skills.

    Americans are completely clear on this and have been for decades: whatever policy gulf may exist between teachers as a group and the public as a whole (indeed if one even exists at all) it is completely clear that people like and appreciate their children’s teachers and give them praise for the work that they do.

    These people won’t get anything until they understand how many allies teachers actually have.

  3. CitizensArrest permalink

    Since they have such good support for their anti-teacher, anti-union screed already up and running, it would be great to hold your noses and read some of it so you could make accurate rebuttals. I checked and the only comment so far was a pure fluff piece by what has to be one of their paid reviewers/ shills.

  4. bilgewater permalink

    I just ordered your book. I’m a frequent reader of Diane Ravitch, and saw mention of your book. I will put your book on my shelf next to “Death and Life” and “Reign of Error.” Thanks for bringing another cogent voice to the conversation.

  5. WOW, Mercedes!!! Congratulations! I will spread the word as far and wide as possible. Can’t wait to get home and buy it myself. I am unable to purchase from Amazon here, but as soon as I land in BOS in June I will pick up a copy…you should be SO proud of yourself!!! 🙂

  6. Linda permalink

    As of 7:12 Sunday morning:

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,817 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

    #1 in Books > Education & Reference > Schools & Teaching > Education Theory > Research
    #5 in Books > Education & Reference > Schools & Teaching > Pedagogy
    #9 in Books > Education & Reference > Schools & Teaching > Instruction Methods

  7. Michael permalink

    I will be ordering the book and sending out recommendations to others.

    Beyond this we need lots of organizing to stem the tide that is attempting to swallow up the entirety of public education. My conversations seem to lead to the conclusion that virtually everyone is fed up and also a little scared as to what the future holds.

    It seems there is a lot of fuel for organizing but most of the teachers and parents I talk to either don’t know what to do or are a little afraid of taking the next step.

    Great job on this.

  8. Linda permalink

    I ordered the book on Sunday, for myself.
    Then, I wrote to my state board of education, recommending the book to their members.
    Today I take a copy of the Amazon review and ask 3 local libraries to order it.
    Ms. Schneider thanks for caring about America.

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