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The First Official Review of My Book

May 9, 2014

The first posted review of my newly-released book, A Chronicle of Echoescomes from retired Chicago teacher and fellow blogger Ken Previti.

My book became available on on Sunday, April 27, 2014.

I believe Ken bought it immediately. I know that he read it voraciously.

Below is part of Ken’s review of A Chronicle of Echoes, including this wonderful image:


Please do not think that a book that generously provides extensive data and sources is dry or boring; on the contrary, Schneider brings it all together in a high intensity, high interest amalgam of people and money. Names are named. This book reveals the factual, financial inter-relationships of Michelle Rhee, Rahm Emanuel, Joel Klein, Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, Eva Moskowitz, Wendy Kopp, Eli Broad, Arne Duncan, Paul Vallas, Jonah Edelman, Michael Bloomberg, the Walton Family, and more – including their tax free foundations. Key plutocratic names in the multibillion dollar Empire of Corporate Education Reform. Infamous names.

Notice that these are factual, financial inter-relationships; Corporate Education Reform is really all about the money.

How and where did she find all of this information? “I have researched books, newspaper articles, blog entries, email exchanges, interviews, web pages, advertisements, income tax forms, dissertations, conference materials, meeting minutes, video presentations, legislation and formal testimony.”

Mercedes Schneider’s research, articles, and blog posts are often cited by established journals and well known authors, such as Diane Ravitch. If she didn’t already have a PhD in applied statistics and data research, this book would be her eminently readable dissertation for a PhD. Her credibility is well established. Now, we are treated to an entire book of her own.

To read the rest of Ken’s review, click here.


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  1. joseph permalink

    He is pushing all books against Common Core. Keep waiting. Thinking he is connected to an NGO.

  2. haschilling permalink

    Dr. Schneider,
    I am so thrilled to follow your blog. Many years ago, I had one of your graduate classes in stats while I was working on my doctorate at Ball State. I remember like yesterday hauling furniture down to your storage unit after Katrina.

    Thank you for your passion. I can’t wait to order your book!

    Heather Schilling

    • Heather! I remember you and hauling that furniture! So glad to hear from you. Thank you for following my blog. I am trying to spread the word to colleges of education that my book can be used as a text in education classes. It catalogs a number of notable education privatizers and provides histories on each.

  3. H.A. Hurley permalink

    Mercedes, did you read Dr. Jack Hassard’s review of your book on Amazon?
    He is Professor Emeritus at GA State University in Atlanta.
    Very knowledgable, experienced and in support of the movement.
    Check him out @jackhassard on Twitter & link to his blog.

  4. Gerri K. Songer permalink

    Could you publish something about this?

  5. Your passion for ALL students, while somehow you still teach as well. I don’t know how you do it! And from Louisiana too with a Hurricane Katrina story that’s part of this! In my case 30 plus years living in N.O. and teaching in South LA, including 10 in St. Tammany Parish. Would love to meet you some time when I return to visit family and friends? Personally, I’m working on a book that grew out of the Katrina experience too.

    It’s a book about a “hidden” African American educational leader in Alabama who defied George Wallace and others in that era. And, he succeeded- for a decade- as the first Black Superintendent of Schools in the South. The forces of “privatization” are what ultimately turned his success in the wrong direction.

    Have you seen the recent Atlantic Monthly Article on re-segregation? That article pretty much tells the story about the impact of “privatization” i.e., beginning with “private academies” paid for with tax dollars during Wallace’s time in the Black Belt Region of Alabama- the heart of Dixie and the heart of the Civil Rights movement, where Dr. Robert Brown, the subject of my book lives.

    Congrats on your book and congrats on keeping the “Dream Alive” … with an arc toward justice.

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