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I Now Have a Facebook Page

June 6, 2014

I now have a Facebook page:

The page features my book, A Chronicle of Echoesand my blog. As of this writing, my page has 91 likes.

I even have my first hashtag:  #chronicleofechoes

I still have no Twitter account. Twitter moves so fast with its little messages, and I haven’t time to keep up with it. I do appreciate the efforts of those who promote my writing on Twitter.

As to the FB page: A delightful young man named Kody Lala created it for me and is helping me maintain it. In fact, it was Kody who knew over a year ago that I would have a need for a Facebook page once my blog began to gain popularity.

Kody started his own business creating and monitoring FB pages. For those interested in his assistance, he can be reached at

  1. Welcome to the world of voluntary surveillance

  2. Victorino Verboten permalink

    Congrats and good luck with that! Sorry, I can’t stand FB. I do enjoy Twitter, but I can understand why others don’t.

    John Merrow is still contending that NOLA has greatly improved, in response to my comments to him here:

    Just thought you might want to weigh in there, Mercedes…

    • John Merrow is determined to believe what he wants about New Orleans. He even sets his own letter grade estimation of what he thinks the state-run schools “should” be rated.

  3. jo ann permalink

    Dear Mercedes,
    Is this guy from LA any good? RI Hgher ed just hired him…
    Thank you.
    jo ann

    R.I. Board of Ed selects Louisiana’s former commissioner for new post-secondary position

    June 16, 2014 08:58 PM
    By Lynn Arditi

    PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The state Board of Education has selected Jim Purcell, former commissioner of higher education in Louisiana, as Rhode Island’s new commissioner of post-secondary education.

    The board voted unanimously Monday night to authorize the board chairwoman, Eva-Marie Mancuso, to enter into contract negotiations with Purcell.

    The salary, advertised at $135,000 to $175,000 a year, and the length of the contract — by law not to exceed three years — will be determined through negotiations with the board’s chairwoman.

    Purcell, 55, a native of Alabama who has held administrative positions throughout the South, served three years in the commissioner’s job in Louisiana.

    Purcell’s salary before leaving his job in Louisiana in March was $275,000, according to a Times-Picayune’s news report.

    Last year, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s staff tried unsuccessfully to get him fired because of his opposition to stripping $700 million in state funding for higher education.

    Republican legislators came to Purcell’s defense, and the state Board of Regents ultimately decided to support Purcell.

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