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To Jindal: Dump Common Core, PARCC, and White

June 8, 2014

Governor Bobby Jindal is apparently trying to muster up the courage to remove Louisiana from the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and associated Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career (PARCC) assessments that he signed Louisiana on for in the first place.

Of course, Jindal has changed his position due to his national political ambitions.

Jindal is under pressure from Louisiana businesses to Keep the Core.

He is also at odds with Louisiana State Board of Education (BESE) President Chas Roemer and Jindal’s own appointee for state superintendent, John White.

These two are willing to stand against Jindal in support of CCSS and PARCC. As Susan Berry of Breitbart reports:

Both state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education president Chas Roemer and State Superintendent of Education John White are ardent supporters of the Common Core standards, which are due to take full effect in the 2014-2015 school year.

Regarding Jindal, Roemer said, “He challenged the legislature, and the legislature didn’t agree with him. Our children deserve better than a Plan B.”

Similarly, White said Common Core has been in the planning stage for teachers and students for four years.

“They do not need a last-minute change,” White wrote. “They do not need chaos in the classroom.” [Emphasis added.]

White is such a hypocrite. That brings me to the point of my post.

In October 2013, Jindal appointed “long time ally” Jane Holland Smith to a BESE seat. Some distrust Smith because of her being a Jindal appointee; however, I have heard that she is surprised by the shenanigans of John White and is willing to confront his self-serving, compromised dealings.

For example, Smith recently read this July 2013 post by New York activist Leonie Haimson detailing John White’s manipulations over inBloom and data sharing.

She was aghast.

Yes, Smith is an appointee of Jindal. However, that does not mean she is in anyone’s pocket. Moreover, Smith has been appointed to BESE at a strategic time to support Jindal in his stated intention to remove Louisiana from both CCSS and PARCC.

Smith is opposed to CCSS.

I believe that the public needs to be reminded of some of White’s actions that have contributed to the “chaos in the classroom” he himself has piled on. This public reminder might encourage Jindal to stand against those who are pressuring him to remain in CCSS and PARCC.

To this end, I will remind readers that since its announcement in this 2008 National Governors Association (NGA) report, unprecedented data collection was meant to accompany CCSS.

I would also like to remind readers of the following John White callous and careless Louisiana student data compromise taken from Haimson’s inBloom post– information Smith recently read for the first time.

In this excerpt, White enters Louisiana into a data-sharing agreement with billionaire CCSS funder Bill Gates and uploads all Louisiana student data to Gates’ Shared Learning Collaborative (SLC):

November 18, 2012:

 Julie Fabrocini of Gates writes:  “John, we have been talking in the Foundation about the next steps with the Shared Learning Collaborative and doing some thinking about possibilities for accelerating Louisiana.  I think it would be important for us to get together for 60-90 minutes to discuss strategy, infrastructure and commitment?“ [Emphasis added.]

Dec 15, 2012:  

NYSED Regents Fellow Amrit Singh gets into the act, and also writes John White: “Below is a link to a great article that connects SLC, LRMI, and Learning Registry and may help your team get on the same page re the value and interconnection of these initiativesSingh tells him how to subscribe to EdSurge (also funded by Gates.)

Sometime during this period, White agrees to convert Louisiana into a Phase I state.  Though no superintendent apparently signed up to pilot inBloom, White decides to upload entire state data into SLC cloud — to populate their controversial “Course choice” program, in which students can sign up for courses for credit “a la carte” with a range of for-profit providers; this program is being implemented by another company called Agilix.

 Dec. 22, 2012:

 John White – to Amrit Singh, the NYSED Regents Fellow, “Agilix is going to route course choice data through the SLI, (Gates’ Shared Learning Infrastructure) our first foray. Off and running.” [Emphasis added.]

 Jan 1, 2013:  

White signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Gates Foundation for the Shared Learning Collaborative. [Emphasis added.]

If Jindal needs some public indignation over White’s illegal sharing of sensitive student data as leverage in dumping CCSS and PARCC (and of dumping White in the process), here it is.

As for BESE member Jane Smith: I’m glad to hear that she is shocked by John White. BESE members Lottie Beebe and Carolyn Hill could use an ally. And Jindal is in the position to replace his other two BESE appointees, Connie Bradford and Judy Miranti, thus potentially increasing the number of BESE members exercising integrity to five out of eleven.

Yep. Politics are percolating in the capitol.



  1. Bertis Downs permalink

    John Dewey: “politics is the shadow cast on society by big business.”

  2. This line is the same line we are hearing here in NC:

    “They do not need a last-minute change,” White wrote. “They do not need chaos in the classroom.”

    The Chamber of Commerce and multiple legislators are using that same line as a reason not to replace Common Core in NC. The rebuttal we’ve used is Common Core is what is causing chaos. Now is the time for change and this is no different than when you dropped common core in the laps of our teachers with no resources two years ago.

    The sharing of data near the end of this article made me wonder what else has been shared in NC we are unaware of. Thank you for yet another great article, Ms. Schneider!

  3. Even as a resident of Alabama, it will be interesting to see what Jindal does.

  4. CarynJ permalink

    So is this saying that John White has already uploaded our students’ information in the SLC, or inBloom?

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