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BREAKING NEWS: Louisiana Governor Jindal Drops PARCC and Common Core

June 18, 2014

Jindal just finished a press conference.

His words, summarized:

PARCC selection did not comply with La state law requiring a bidding process– this voids PARCC agreement. Jindal has asked for a financial audit of PARCC spending and an open, competitive bidding process for assessment.

He said that suspending PARCC is what he was able to do immediately via executive order.

He also contacted NGA and CCSSO and terminated La’s memorandum of understanding (MOU) for Common COre (CCSS). He said when he signed on, he did not realize the federal control that CCSS would bring into the state.

He charged the La State Board of Ed (BESE) to produce state standards and state assessments. He wants BESE to work with legislature on this.

More to come.


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  1. ICallShenanigans permalink

    Now he’s just gotta dump White.

  2. La. Ed Watcher permalink

    BJ took action to drop CCSS and PARCC, but White and Roemer have not. See the press release they issued saying the show will go on with the standards and test in SY 14-15. As we in La. know, many state officials have been fired for even thinking about going against BJ. And BJ has control of most BESE members, and even the ones he doesn’t control would be with him on firing White. So you better believe that he and John Boy have worked out some kind of political maneuvering to make BJ look good for as long as he can draw this out. Trying to shore up his approval rating? Working the tea party angle? National press? Who knows, but I wouldn’t throw out those CCSS lesson plans just yet.

  3. Reblogged this on V-Hypnagogic-Logic and commented:
    WOW! Never thought much of Jindal until now. Waiting to see which states follow suit.

  4. Candyce Watsey permalink

    This is a great day in Louisiana. Thank you, Mercedes for your huge part in making this happen.

  5. Susan Muchmore permalink

    What a worm…of course I am happy but he is still a sleazy worm. How about keeping the old standards that are already done. Too simple, and too easy.

  6. Way to go Louisiana! I hope that this is the real thing and not just a re-brand. Here’s hoping that other states including mine quickly follow.

  7. Reblogged this on Schools of Thought Hudson Valley, NY and commented:
    LA Gov. Jindal issues Exec Order – Drops PARCC and CC per Deutsch 29

  8. Peggy Schwarz permalink

    Now Jindal is going to re-bid the assessment contract to replace PARCC just in time for Paul Pastorek – who co-signed us into this mess in 2009 as ed superintendent – to come back to LA as an “educational assessment consultant.” What timing! Wonder who will get the new contract…

  9. Ron Schaerff permalink

    Jindal has lost his mind

  10. Ron Schaerff permalink

    I disagree with Jindal

  11. Dianne permalink

    His words examined a bit more carefully–
    He never announced that Louisiana was withdrawing from PARCC. He REQUESTED that PARCC withdraw FROM Louisiana.
    “This letter is to request that the Partnership of Assessments for College and Career Readiness (PARCC) immediately withdraw from the State of Louisiana”.

    this is what else I see, “Common Core has not been fully implemented yet in Louisiana, and we need to start the process over. It was rushed in the beginning”. translated: let’s slow this down, let them think they have a say, then we can continue to implement our agenda

    ” we need to slow down and make the right decision” <-kinda sounds like his mind is already made up as to what is "the right decision"

    "We need a Louisiana test that ensures children are performing at high levels". Do we? Can we really not trust our teachers to the point that the ONLY way we can know how our students are performing is through some company's test?

    "education is a primary responsibility of states". Nope. This is the statement that I disagree with the most. Seeing that a child is educated is the responsibility of a child's parents. Sometimes the parents contract out the actual teaching aspect to the school system. Sometimes the school system lives up to their end of the agreement superbly. Other times, the school system fails miserably in its attempt to teach the child. But ultimately, the responsibility ALWAYS lies with the parent to see that the child is being educated.

    " Louisiana law requires the state to choose the lowest cost responsive bidder." I don't know what the actual law states, but if cost alone is the determining factor in selecting assessments, there is a problem.

    There is another news article circulating in which Roemer admits that the CCSS plan was in the making all the way back to 2004. Interesting news day!

  12. White fired back. Jindal cannot do.this. Is this an attempt by Jindal to make it “appear” that he is listening to the people who now oppose Common Core NATIONALLY. Preparing for run for potus. Call me sceptical.

  13. Mike Archer permalink

    Will he be like Rick Scott, and do a cosmetic name change for political cover, while retaining the misuse and overuse of forced, standardized, high-stakes testing?

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