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Video: My Five Minutes on Louisiana Public Broadcasting

June 27, 2014

As a means of addressing issues from the recent legislative session, Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) produced two shows involving three legislative issues: abortion clinic regulation, oil and gas companies/coastal preservation, and Common Core (CCSS). The first video aired weeks ago and featured individuals supporting one viewpoint (as concerns CCSS, that CCSS is good).

On June 27, 2014, I participated in the second video– the one discussing why CCSS is no good.

As one might expect, Governor Jindal’s decision to derail CCSS was the center of the conversation.

(Note: Shauna Sanford also mentions the BESE “closed meeting” earlier in the video. Since the filming, the BESE meeting is now an open meeting.)

Here is the video. My five minutes begins at 4:20:

And here is a lovely photo, taken before filming:

LPB 06-27-14

  1. Donna permalink

    You did a great job! Thank you!

  2. Laura H. Chapman permalink

    My video experience was less than ideal. Chunks of data flowed and then stopped mid-sentence. Even so, you have a great command of the issues and details and that comes through very clearly. Somehow I missed the changes in CCSS policy regarding use all or part, pick and choose. I look forward to seeing the details on when and how that happened. It is a big change from the verbatim and 15% stipulations that I have written about.

  3. Andrea Lancer permalink

    Great job, Mercedes!

  4. Roux permalink

    Great to know someone is getting the word out.

    IMO Common Core is the corporate and federal takeover of local schools. Big corporations know there is a lot of money out there and are eager to get some or all of it. Big government is anxious to be their partner to keep the campaign money flowing.

    It must be stopped..

  5. Claire Landry permalink

    I saw the video. You did an excellent presentation Keep up the good work Claire

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