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Former United Federation of Teachers VP Leo Casey Tries to Twitter-slam Me

July 14, 2014

I have been asked numerous times to join Twitter. The response I offer to this request: I haven’t the time to keep up with Twitter.

That doesn’t mean that I do not occasionally become the topic of a Twitter exchange, however.

Apparently such an exchange began on July 10, 2014, between New York City teacher Arthur Goldstein and former United Federation of Teachers VP Leo Casey.  The exchange also includes Kathleen Casey, Leo’s sister.

According to Leo Casey, I “spin conspiracy theories” and that “anyone who disagrees with me” is “in league with the devil.”

Below is the Goldstein-Casey exchange, apparently over my post about American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten’s July 8, 2014, reluctant admission that she is a member of the secretive Democracy Alliance.


[Leo Casey] Why stop here? There’s always the illuminati to expose.
<-PAXP-deijE.gif> Randi Weingarten, Twitter, and ‘Secret Society’ Membership


[Quote] I wonder exactly what “progressive agenda advancing” organizations Weingarten and her sidekick Ringuette have decided to “invest” in on behalf of AFT members. Just don’t ask her about those investment specifics….

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Kathleen Casey Who is Mercedes Schneider? 10 July at 19:02 ·


Leo Casey She spins conspiracy theories about progressives on the theory that anyone who disagrees with her is in league with the devil.


Arthur Goldstein Mercedes is a public school teacher, a former college professor, a thinker and a writer who’s regularly acknowledged and published byDiane Ravitch. She recently published a book. I’ve spent time with her. She’s quick-witted and soft-spoken. It’s disappointing to see ad hominem attacks against her containing no evidence whatsoever to refute her arguments. It’s further disappointing to see absurd notions planted in her mouth.

Yesterday at 07:56 · Like


Leo Casey All you need to do is read the latest missive, attached to the original post, with her latest conspiracy theory attack on Randi Weingarten, to know where the truth lies. If it was the first time, you could write it off as aberration and a lapse of judgment. Instead, it is a well-established pattern. Yesterday at 10:36 · Like


Arthur Goldstein On the other hand, that’s a straw man. An argument is a demonstration something she says is incorrect. Yesterday at 11:50 · Like


Kathleen Casey It’s a pity that an organization working hard to help teachers (and students and schools) is been attacked this way. What is the motivation of those mounting these personal attacks? Yesterday at 12:09 · Like

  1. Tastefully Stated!!

  2. Linda permalink

    Twitter slam Leo: @Linda1746: @LeoECasey @TeacherArthurG @rweingarten @AFTunion Former UFT VP Leo Casey Tries 2Twitter-slam Me @wordpressdotcom

  3. john a permalink

    You will be known for the enemies you make. Leo Casey is a AFT/Unity Caucus attack dog. He is Randi’s proxy. Neither Randi nor Mr.Casey can disprove your assertions. His only other option is to clamp down hard with his fangs. Naive guy. He thinks you can be silenced by denunciation and vilification. When such attacks occur, you know you are hitting hard and true. Keep hitting: jab, jab, jab. You’ve taken on a task for which all progressives must be thankful.

  4. Linda permalink

    I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt

  5. Gary Tobin permalink

    Mercedes Schneider, THANK YOU…

  6. I sent him a Tweet calling him out. Let’s see if he bites. I do not respect people who spread rumors indirectly to discredit people like you.

  7. Joseph permalink

    Here is how the UFT and Casey can address his demonic issues since the UFT is ok with Pre K children in NYC toxic schools.

    I was terminated for not returning to my classroom until there was an air quality inspection. My school was on a toxic dump and three brick layers had won a lawsuit when they became very ill just building it, it was a toxic lagoon of chlorinated solvents that had to be drained before building it. The union cared little about due process then, though Bill DeBlasio and Speaker Quinn called for an investigation. Union is powerless and has no teeth, teachers are on their own. Their “place at the table” is at the expense of teachers and children. I showed that the city was building Prototype schools to bypass the environmental review laws and refused to do testing, while turning off the vapor intrusion system without permission from the State.

    This is a main reason I am against putting Pre K children in unsafe schools in NYC, where there is no air quality inspection (along with Common Core).I was the Advocate for School Indoor Air Quality since 2004 and testified numerous times before the City Council and advised Councilmembers about toxic schools being built in their district. I believe that the union gave up its right to do testing in 2000, or thereafter. Before that, they would close schools all of the time to fix problems. This led to the push by the City to build on horrible sited knowing that no one could test them. I served on the Mayor’s panel against Intro 650, which would have required that all inspections be approved by the police commissioner!! This was the power of the real estate lobby where zoning laws were ignored that protected children in schools, the union was an accomplice.

    Send an email to and ask the president of the UFT why he will not support this teacher and the Whistleblower law to protect children passed by former Speaker Quinn in regard to PS 7 in Elmhurst Queens. It is now being investigated by the Public Advocates Office. Why do the unions not support due process to protect children and teachers. For what I have learned through discovery send an email to It will make your skin crawl,. included will be letters for Speaker Quinn and Bill DeBlasio and the chilling environmental report about this toxic lagoon.

  8. Joseph permalink

    Kathleen Casey Hey, Leo.

    Yesterday at 2:32pm · Like
    Joseph Mugivan I was fired for not returning to my classroom until there was an air quality inspection. My school was on a toxic dump and three brick layers had won a lawsuit when they became very ill just building it, it was a toxic lagoon of chlorinated solvents th…See More

    Kathleen Casey Dear Joseph: When Leo Casey was teaching in Clara Barton High School snd his students were being exposed to asbestos, he took out an injunction against the Board of Education. Leo is now the Director of the UFT Albert Shanker Institute. (Full disclosure: he is also my brother). I wish you well with your fight, but do not blame everything on the union. Kathleen Casey

    Dolores Balboa I agree Kathleen.

    Joseph Mugivan The Union is the only influence that can correct this, whatever Leo’s accolades, he has gone bonkers against Mercedes Schneider, stooping to name calling, who was on the panel with Randi against Common Core. She is recognized as an expert by Diane Ravitch. Leo is welcome to address my issues on his own. How he handles it will show his leadership.

    Joseph Mugivan…/former-united…/

    Former United Federation of Teachers VP Leo Casey Tries to Twitter-slam Me

    I have been asked numerous times to join Twitter. The response I offer to this r… See More.

    Joseph Mugivan Leo, What is the policy of the UFT putting Pre K children and teachers into schools without indoor air quality reports.

    Just now · Like

    • john a permalink

      Merecedes, there is a nascent education worker opposition movement with whom progressives can align. I direct you to the “Small Talk”blog, written by Mike Klonsky, a life long progressive fighter, who reports on the AFT convention.

      There are progressives out there who are ready, willing and able to ‘take-on’ the Duncans. Weingartens and Caseys of the education world. They are your natural allies. Reach out. A progressive movement is ready to be built.

  9. John permalink

    Relax, take a deep breath, ignore the birdbrains (no offense to birds) and keep up your important spadework. Your ‘notoriety’ with these people simply underscores your growing influence.

  10. john a permalink

    Ignoring the Leo Casey’s and by implication the Randi Weingarten’s and their ilk, is tantamount to sticking your head in the sand and giving up the struggle to shape the political-pedagogic discourse and narrative. They must be countered on every occasion. We are gaining increased access to mainstream media. Now is the time to mobilize and utilize such access.

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