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The House That Bill Gates Built?

October 9, 2014

A friend from college sent me this meme, created by Stop Common Core New York.

I thought I’d share.

This is surely how numerous parents nationwide feel about Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Math Development Group Chair Phil Daro’s EngageNY/Eureka math product:


CC math house


Perhaps billionaire Bill Gates will move in, just to prove that his *CCSS stuff* worked after all.

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  1. Charlotte rovelstad permalink

    Wait, it looks like a Frank Gary house!

  2. john a permalink

    Let there burn many common core pyres throughout the states, in cities and towns, large and small. That would be a fine demonstration of peoples’ power in the face of an oligarch.

  3. T2CPA permalink

    An engineer on our local school board told us, when we asked about 4 plus 3 CAN = 11 in Common Core math, that he has to think outside the box every day in his job. I told him I don’t want to be on a bridge he makes then. SO – I think we need to add a bridge over that water in this picture! One with a big gap in the middle!

  4. That’s what CC$$ math will do! Btw, I do believe this may be your shortest post ever.

  5. Laura H. Chapman permalink

    Too colorful, too “innovative,” too non-academic, too arty, and all the rest.

    • Too disturbing. It is the shock upon first seeing this house that speaks to the shock America might experience should a generation of school children be shuttled through Eureka math.

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