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A Schneider Update

October 26, 2014

I realize that I have not posted on my blog for an entire week, and that my readers might be wondering where I have been.

So, here is a brief update:

As I write, I am on a flight back to New Orleans from Maine (via Atlanta). This was my first trip to New England, and what a beautiful time of year to make the journey. The air was crisp, and the autumn colors were a delight to behold. Though my hosts apologized for weather that had taken down leaves earlier in the week, the scene remained a marvel to me, with my born-on-the-bayou self.

I traveled to Maine early Friday morning for the No Common Core Maine (NCCM) New England Fall-out Conference in York, Maine on Saturday, October 25, 2014. I spoke twice, which meant I had to prepare for two talks this past week, and such accounts for much of my absence from my blog. The NCCM conference amazed me—it was so well done. Approximately 120 individuals attended; from what I understand, this number is significant because the public in Maine has been slow to realize the implications of the nationwide, rigid, test-driven push to standardize American education.

I was one of several speakers representing a number of states (Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Louisiana). We spoke on a number of issues related to Common Core. My first speech was on the history of Common Core, and my second was on Common Core as it affects pedagogy. All speakers were video recorded and will be posted to the NCCM once ready for release.

I plan to also post all sessions to my blog, as well.

I will also post the video of my talk in Indiana at Manchester University (October 2, 2014), when it is available.

I had another unusual-yet-pleasant occurrence this past week, one that also accounts for my time away from my blog.

For four nights in a row, I slept eight hours a night.

I have not done so in the almost two years since I began writing my blog and my books.

It was like a vacation in the midst of all of my busyness.

It was wonderful, and I knew I needed the sleep given how much extra work it was for me to travel to Maine to speak twice during a weekend that is part of the regular school year—and that happens also to be around the same time that I needed to get some edits finished on one of my Common Core book chapters in anticipation of proofs that will arrive any day now and require my immediate attention in order to meet the requirements for April 2015 publication.

So, as I head home (and to full time teaching tomorrow morning), I am pleased to note that I return to a house that is mostly clean and in order; the grocery shopping has been done; the laundry awaiting me is reasonable; my grading is up to date; a car maintenance issue requiring my immediate attention this week has been resolved; my exercise schedule has not been seriously disrupted, and—of premier importance—I will have time for a nap this afternoon if I so desire.

For His assistance in helping me wisely and efficiently navigate my own life, I sincerely thank God. The circus music playing in the background does not surprise Him.


Schneider is also author of the ed reform whistleblower, A Chronicle of Echoes: Who’s Who In the Implosion of American Public Education

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  1. thank you so much for all you do; I am eagerly awaiting your descriptions of the speeches…. Maine may be slow to gather on this but they were one of the first to give ALEC the boot. A prize winning journalist helped to do some investigation of what the governor was doing to bring in ALEC legislation and it was uncovered… once they get the hang of it, you will see progress. Thanks again…..

  2. if you haven’t seen it, here is Colin Woodard’s article in Maine press herald

  3. Dr. Schneider, I realize the sacrifices you make for the education community. Thank you again for the notification that all is well and that you merely took a short break from your blog. I know that your passion, commitment, and dedication to educating the public of the “reform agenda,” are valued by many education stakeholders.

    Your post offering an explanation was timely. I have been “googling” during this past week to see if you had any updates on your blog. I am elated to hear that you were away doing great work!

    Thank you again on behalf of the education community!

  4. ira shor permalink

    Keep traveling, keep speaking and writing, your work really matters now.

  5. Harlan Underhill permalink

    Glad you got to see the New England “foliage.” It’s lovely here in Michigan too. Sounds like it is a good trip.

  6. Charlotte rovelstad permalink

    Thanks for all the great information.
    I wonder if you are aware of the fact that The Aspen Institute and Bill Gates are also eyeing our libraries? My library just shared a report they published recently which I highly recommend. It is never surprising but always amazing. I am reminded of a line from one of my favorite activists: “There is only one thing they want and that is everything”.

  7. Kristy Eichler permalink

    You brought a wealth of information to the forum in Maine, thank you very much for making the sacrifice to come up here.

  8. Were you all brain dead or did you leave out the true history of education reform on purpose? I was disgusted being at that meeting listening to fact after fact about Common Core and never hearing so much as a sliver of true history on the restructuring of education in our nation. I apologized to my wife for taking time away from her and wasting a day! Where were your references to the countless others that have come before you in writing and researching the horrible history that I speak of? Wake up and start telling the truth and nothing but the truth!

    • It was a conspiracy, just to make you waste a day and apologize to your wife.

      I’ve been had, as have the rest of us.

  9. Jill Reifschneider permalink

    I don’t know how you do it! I was so sorry to miss the forum this weekend. Of all weekends, I had to be in California this weekend, otherwise I would have driven up from Massachusetts. I am so pleased to know that I will be able to see video of the panels and speakers. Thank you for making the trip!

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