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PARCC Testing Schedules for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

December 8, 2014

For those who are stunned to the point of disbelief at my December 5, 2014, post regarding Louisiana’s not being part of PARCC:

Here are Pearson’s advertised Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 PARCC testing schedules.

parcc a

parcc b

parcc c

parcc d

No Louisiana.

Superintendent John White is trying to get you to believe that whatever he offers in the name of “PARCC” assessments in Louisiana can somehow be grafted into the now-Pearson-run PARCC assessments.


There is no telling what he will concoct and try to label as “PARCC,” but it will not be the genuine article.


UPDATE 12-18-14:

See this post for a Pearson customer service message about Louisiana using Data Recognition Corp (DRC) “to test PARCC”:



  1. I wonder if Pearson will sue for trademark infringement?

  2. Good question. Depends upon contract terms. That noted, White is clearly lying about La being in with what is now Pearson’s show, so that might be enough.

  3. I’m from Rhode Island, where the Commissioner is a true believer. Can you tell me what all the acronyms in the table (EOY, CBT, etc.) mean? I’m trying to figure out how much of what kind of testing will be going on and this is the first non-RIDE document I’ve seen with that information on it.

    • Rick, EOY means “end of year”; CBT is “computer based test”; PBT is “paper based test.”

  4. White is obviously dizzy himself from so much spin.

  5. Cecile Barnhart permalink

    Rapides Parish administrators seem to think we are indeed still in PARCC but because Louisiana will be administering a paper-based exam and not a computer-administered exam, we are not on these lists/schedules? Do you think this is true?

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