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Video: Jeopardy Names a Category “Non-Common-Core Math”

December 16, 2014

In its kids version, the game show Jeopardy makes fun of Common Core math via its category name of mental math problems as captured in this one-minute video clip:

“Non-Common-Core Math” is too straightforward for the nonsense that is now widely recognized as “Common Core math.” Now, if the answer involved Alex Trebecq moving sticky notes and engaging in philosophical discussions of The Meaning of Math–and if the prepackaged math materials were riddled with errors– that would be “Common Core math.”

As it is, this “Non-Common-Core Math” is a bit much on the featured contestant. It must be… dare I write… rigorous?


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  1. fnoschese permalink

    Except that Tyler attends a private Christian school:

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