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Ask Campbell Brown About Malik Taylor

January 10, 2015

Campbell Brown is a supposed “education activist” whose agenda is really union-busting. She has been on Twitter of late demanding “justice” for New York teacher dismissals that did not happen, in Brown’s view, because of NY law Section 3020a, that Brown writes “puts ineffective teachers back in the classroom.”

Brown’s solution? Hand power over to the mayorally-appointed NYC chancellor of education so that he/she might fire individuals at will, with zero concern about due process.

To Brown, the NYC chancellor can be, and should be, the individual to fire these otherwise inept-yet-union-protected teachers.

One all-powerful individual who will just happen to play god without any hint of bias or any susceptibility toward corruption.


I have no problem with the dismissal of teachers who break the law. However, I do have a problem with Brown’s selective deflecting of attention away from her moneyed, strategically-positioned, privatizing-reform cronies’ own hand in hiring or otherwise enabling child predators to remain in their education positions, all the while promoting her anti-union scapegoating crusade under the heading of her Parent Transparency Project.

To this end, on January 10, 2014, I wrote a post about Brown’s silence on her pal, former NYC Chancellor Joel Klein’s approval of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) contract involving Section 3020a. The union had to have his approval for its contract, yet Brown chooses not to emphasize as much.

However much Brown would frighten the public into believing UFT is responsible for outcomes of hearings associated with section 3020a, the UFT union contract approved by Klein clearly states that tenured teachers charged under Section 3020a are suspended without pay and mandatorily discharged if found guilty.

Brown is also silent on the squelched prosecution of former DC Chancellor Michelle Rhee’s husband, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, for his inappropriate behavior towards students in the Sacramento charter he founded. Johnson also has a prior incident in which he admitted on tape being naked in the shower with a female student. Brown’s husband, Dan Senor, sits on the board of Rhee’s StudentsFirst with Rhee, who played an active role in preventing her husband’s prosecution for his sexual crimes.

All of this info I have detailed in my post linked above.

But there’s more, and it can be found here, in this August 2013 post by UFT chapter leader Patrick Walsh.

It’s about a New York Department of Education (NYSED) hire, Malik Taylor, and his confession to multiple counts of statutory rape and Brown’s silence on the issue.

Here is an excerpt from Walsh’s post:

Days after news reports of a Malik Taylor, a New York city Public school “dean” charged with and confessing to multiple counts of statutory rape, self appointed professional sexual-predator-monitor Campbell Brown has remained, to my knowledge, oddly silent. That much more odd given the horrific nature of the story and Taylor’s confession. So far, the only statement I can find on the Internet is that Brown twittered AFT President Randi Weingarten a news report of the case.

This is strange when you consider that Brown, who has parlayed her status as a former TV journalist into endless access to both print and TV media, has in the past two years spent considerable energy and skill working to terrify New York City parents into believing that the United Federation of Teachers ( UFT ) is, for some demonic reason, forever working to insure that confirmed pedophiles be allowed to teach our children. Moreover, Brown insinuates, the union is so all powerful that no politician dare try to stop them.
Why, a reasonable person might ask, would a teacher’s union protect sexual predators ?
Because it is evil.

So horrible is the problem and so diabolical the union, Brown and her and her backers were moved to create The Parent Transparency Project, yet another billionaire backed non profit organization out to enlighten naive parents about the true nature of evil teachers and their evil unions. ( See Parent Revolution, Educators 4 Excellence, Teach For America, and many, many more.)

Indeed, PTP has injected itself into the mayor’s race with a spooky horror film inspired ad ( “They Know !” ) meant to frighten the bejesus out of all who see it.
Brown’s problem with UFT? The horrible union insists that teachers accused of wrong doing of any kind be granted their constitutional rights and given due process.

Brown’s problem with due process: Some of the teachers, indeed, most of the teachers are found innocent of the charges. Brown would like to see such teachers fired and their lives ruined anyway: a desire that, coincidentally, matches exactly that of Mayor Mike Bloomberg on this issue.

Walsh’s entire post is worth a read:

So. Where are the Brown tweets on Malik Taylor in which Brown holds the mayorally-appointed NYC Chancellor and NYSED (which she likes) accountable in place of “the union” (which she dislikes)?

Feel free to tweet and ask her.

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Schneider is a southern Louisiana native, career teacher, trained researcher, and author of the ed reform whistle blower, A Chronicle of Echoes: Who’s Who In the Implosion of American Public Education

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  1. Ellen Lubic permalink

    Mercedes…please check you links on Malik Taylor. Not only yours, but even the others you quote, as “Malik Taylor” lead only to a paragraph on childhood vaccinations.

  2. Done! I’ve sent my tweets
    @campbell_brown Where’s your outrage over Malik Taylor? #cuttingthroughthebull
    @campbell_brown Your husband’s business ventures will profit from charter school expansion #cuttingthroughthebull
    @campbell_brown Where’s your outrage over Kevin Johnson’s sexual indiscretions? #cuttingthroughthebull
    @campbell_brown plans to profit from tearing down public schools #cuttingthroughthebull

  3. amerigus permalink

    Campbell Brown is a fraud just like other Deformers who protect the anonymity of their backers. There’s no place in a debate about education for hidden money because it hides the true motives of their cause.

    They say they are against teacher tenure but have a very specious case when we look at the evidence. In fact they oppose unions, and more broadly want to drive professionals out of teaching so they can turn schools coast to coast into McDonald’s franchises.

    This was basically what we saw happen to healthcare over the 80s and 90s with the help of a bought government, including top Democrats. We also saw massive privatization of defense industry contracts in the 2000s, with bipartisan approval. Schools are the next frontier for the wolves of Wall Street.

    Campbell Brown should fail because she is a poor messenger. Challenged by Zephyr Teachout to a debate, she wimped out. And the groans heard when she offered her weak defense of hidden donors on the Colbert Report also showed she doesn’t get it.

    But most nonsensical is the idea that removing tenure from good teachers and bad teachers alike will help students. If the point is to get rid of bad teachers we need a quick, fair and transparent process to do so that ensures good teachers are retained.

    The boondoggles with the current process is because of the inefficiency of department of education bureaucracies.

    It’s the Bd of Ed that hires these teachers and puts them into the union in the first place. If a poorly qualified teacher gets through, it’s because of poor vetting, but the unions are compelled to accept them once hired.

    Then we have the vetting process for tenure. Again we see it’s the Department of Education, not the unions that are responsible for determining who got tenure. In large cities like NYC, it’s an open secret that for decades, anybody who could fog a mirror got approved after their third year. Even the ham handed overcorrection of this policy is blind and arbitrary, only fulfilling a quota and again, not going through the painstaking work of investigating each teacher and actually opening their prepared tenure binders.

    When a misconduct incident is reported, the union position is akin to public defenders, giving every teacher a fair hearing and due process. They are compelled to do so no matter what was done.

    The delays are caused by huge bureaucratic backlogs. The longer it takes, the worse the evidence is and the recollections of the witnesses, which may include small children. I know a teacher removed from class, accused by a student known as a serial fabricator, who has waited months before the case even began to be investigated. The class has had subs for months now.

    If Campbell Brown gave a lick about improving this, she would be fighting these bureaucratic failings. Same with Governor Cuomo – they don’t really want to improve teacher vetting, they want new abilities to punish teachers regardless of the documented evidence.

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