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The Latest Play-by-Play on HR 5, Student Success Act

February 27, 2015

Hello, all. I posted around 10:45 a.m. CST that HR 5, the Student Success Act (SSA) had been pulled. My information came from a tweet by Michigan Representative Justin Amash. About 40 minutes later, Amash tweeted that he was receiving “conflicting information” about SSA and to stay tuned.

I am not on Twitter, but I am still able to access the SSA play-by-play in real time online by googling #HR5 and refreshing the post. (Link here to #HR5 tweets.)

Anyone may do so.

What I am seeing is that those on both  political left and right are not pleased with SSA. So, the concern that SSA would just fly through the House has not come to pass.

Even Fox News is reporting that HR 5 has been pulled, but it has not. As of around 1 p.m. EST, the House has recessed.

It does not look like a vote on SSA will happen today. Too much disagreement.



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    Thank you for the update!!


  2. I wouldn’t go to Fox News for information. Most there (maybe all) are pushing Jeb Bush AND think Common Core is a good thing and that it is NECESSARY.

    • Just used Fox’s link to show that there was some confusion in the communication of HR 5 status.

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