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2-Minute Video: School Closure Is Not “Accountability”

May 13, 2015


Video by Phoebe Ferguson

Published on May 11, 2015

The Louisiana Recovery School District closes an independent charter school suddenly this spring devastating parents, children and teachers. Closing schools is not a method of accountability or reform.

Now that state-run Recovery School District (RSD) in New Orleans is all-charter, the next step in market-driven reform is to move out the independent charters in favor of the charter chains.

Watch out, RSD independent charters: You are next to go on the “choice” food chain.

  1. David Sudmeier permalink

    Sounds like you’re up against the “Philanthropy Roundtable” in LA. Your comments on their organization?

  2. That is sad! What monsters these greedy education “reformers” are showing themselves to be. Wake-up America the worlds greatest public education system is being stolen and looted by evil wealthy white people.

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