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PARCC Website Changes Its Story on 2015 Louisiana Test and Misleads on 2016 Massachusetts Test

February 11, 2016

In 2014-15, Louisiana did not have a contract with Pearson for the official Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessment.

Instead, Louisiana used Data Recognition Corp (DRC) to create an assessment that supposedly included PARCC items. The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) kept the public in the dark regarding the details of Louisiana’s alleged PARCC test. Following administration of the spring 2015 PARCC testing, the PARCC website began advertising Louisiana as the only state that used PARCC items rather than administering the official, Pearson-vended PARCC test.

Here is a link to Louisiana’s PARCC page on the PARCC website. The archived page is dated September 25, 2015:


Louisiana’s state assessment in 2014-15 included items developed through the PARCC process. Louisiana is not a governing state.

“Items developed through the PARCC process” should not be manipulated into implying that Louisiana administered the same exact PARCC test without a Pearson-PARCC contract that every other PARCC state did via a Pearson-PARCC contract.

But now, PARCC has changed its story. Here is the Louisiana PARCC page dated February 11, 2016– an arguable attempt to dupe the public into thinking that Louisiana’s 2015 “items developed through the PARCC process” is no different that any other state that used Pearson to vend the 2015 PARCC assessment– and that it is not until 2016 that Louisiana will administer a part-PARCC test:


Louisiana administered the PARCC assessment on paper only in 2014-15; Louisiana’s 2015-16 end-of-year assessment will be made up of a substantial portion (nearly half) of PARCC items. Louisiana is not a governing state.

As it stands, Louisiana’s 2015 supposed PARCC test has so much error in its scoring accuracy that I am surprised PARCC would want to be connected to it.

Let’s consider what PARCC has to say about Massachusetts:


Massachusetts administered the PARCC assessment in 2014-15 and will administer it in 2015-16. Massachusetts is a governing state.

In truth, not all Massachusetts districts administered PARCC in 2015, and as is true for Louisiana, Massachusetts will have a hybrid in 2016– part MCAS and part PARCC.

Why, this propaganda about Massachusetts’ being “completely PARCC” leaves room for supposedly former PARCC chair, Mitchell Chester, to continue to be chair behind the scenes– or to be easily reinstated as chair in the future. The whole issue of PARCC chair has gone shady, with Hanna Skandera quietly being written in as chair without any press release– and no press release for Massachusetts’ November 17, 2015, decision to not go “all PARCC” in place of its state assessment, MCAS.

More to come below on this PARCC chair shadiness.

What is also deceiving is that those running the PARCC show continue to offer a list of “PARCC states” even if a state will not be using PARCC this year.

This long list makes PARCC look more solid than it is.

In order to get the 2016 PARCC drop out story, one must click on the state name.

Arkansas is a 2016 PARCC drop out:


Arkansas administered the PARCC assessment in 2014-15; it will not administer it in 2015-16. Arkansas is not a governing state.

Mississippi is a 2016 PARCC drop out state:


Mississippi administered the PARCC assessment in 2014-15; it will not administer it in 2015-16. Mississippi is not a governing state.

Ohio is a 2016 PARCC drop out state:


Ohio administered the PARCC assessment in 2014-15; it will not administer it in 2015-16. Ohio is not a governing state.

In fact, only 7 of the 12 “PARCC states” (including DC) will give the full PARCC test in 2016. But it would look bad for the PARCC website to reduce its “PARCC states” list.

Appearances, appearances.

One last word:

It appears that David Connerty-Marin is still with PARCC as its communications director even though PARCC continues to advertise for a new communications director.

Connerty-Marin posted a PARCC press release on February 9, 2016, the first since November 13, 2015. Connerty-Marin did not issue a press release about New Mexico Secretary of Education Hanna Skandera’s replacing Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester as PARCC chair.

And in his February 9, 2016, press release, Connerty-Marin does not refer to Skandera as the PARCC chair, even though he quotes her at length– and according to the PARCC website, she is PARCC chair:

“It is great that Louisiana recognizes the value of the PARCC content, which we believe is the highest The current, full PARCC test and other PARCC instructional supports will continue to be available to states and this process will not disrupt the administration of the PARCC test in the coming weeks or in the 2016-2017 school year and beyond.

“Over the past five years, we’ve witnessed a remarkable achievement as the PARCC consortium has grown from what was essentially a start-up experiment into a world-class product that has been administered to 5 million students across 11 states plus the District of Columbia,” said Hanna Skandera, New Mexico Secretary of Education. “What we are doing now is preparing for the long-term future while we have the time to explore a variety of options. Our goal is to be prepared for the next phase of evolution in the testing landscape and give more states the opportunity to participate. These are the issues we will continue to explore openly and transparently in the coming weeks.” [Emphasis added.]

PARCC is evolving.

Compost heaps also evolve.

compost heap


Schneider is a southern Louisiana native, career teacher, trained researcher, and author of the ed reform whistle blower, A Chronicle of Echoes: Who’s Who In the Implosion of American Public Education.

She also has a second book, Common Core Dilemma: Who Owns Our Schools?.

both books

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