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La. House Ed Chair Nancy Landry Wants to Pay Teachers Less

March 4, 2016

nancy landry  Nancy Landry

Rep. Nancy Landry (R-Lafayette) is the 2016 chair of Louisiana’s House Education Committee.

In 2012, Landry was responsible for the motion to require teachers who attended House education hearings to first tell what kind of leave they had taken from their classrooms in order to be present at a public hearing held in the middle of the school day.

No other Louisiana legislative committee before or since has required members of the public who wished to speak before a legislative committee to declare the details of how they came to be present before the committee.

Landry could have offered a motion to reconvene education hearings at a time when school was not in session, but she did not do so.

Now, in 2016, she is the House Ed chair, compliments of House Speaker, Taylor Barras (R-New Iberia).

As of this writing, Landry has only a single piece of prospective education legislation on file for the regular 2016 session, HB 392, “Provides relative to the reduction of teacher salaries under certain circumstances.” (Update 03-05-16: Landry filed several more ed bills on 03-04-16, all demonstrating her desire to promote corporate ed reform.)

Yep. Landry is seeking to open a wide door to cut teacher pay.

The bill is less than two pages long, but in it, Landry adds wording that would allow a district to cut teacher salaries across the board and allow for reduction in salary if the district decides to transfer a teacher to a lower-paying position.

Below is the text of HB 392 in full. The underlined sections are those that Landry wants added:

2016 Regular Session



TEACHERS/SALARY: Provides relative to the reduction of teacher salaries under certain



To amend and reenact R.S. 17:418(C)(1) and (3), relative to salaries for teachers and other

school employees; to authorize the reduction of salaries for teachers and other school

employees in certain circumstances; and to provide for related matters.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of Louisiana:

Section 1. R.S. 17:418(C)(1) and (3) are hereby amended and reenacted to read as


418. Salaries; teachers and other school employees

* * *

C.(1) The amount of the annual salary paid to a teacher or other school employee in any school year shall not be reduced below the amount of such salary paid during the previous school year, nor shall the amount of the annual salary paid to such school personnel be reduced at any time during an academic year, unless the reduction is part of a plan for reduction of school system expenditures that is applicable to all similarly situated employees or the reduction is a result of programmatic changes or a school or program reorganization.

* * *

(3) The limitations on the reduction in the amount of the annual salary paid to teachers and other school employees shall not be applicable to:

(a) The correction of any accounting errors error or to a reduction necessitated by the elimination of a federal or state program or state funding.

(b) The reduction of any local salary supplement funded, in whole or in part, from a revenue source requiring voter approval when such voter approval has not been obtained.

(c) A teacher or other school employee who has been promoted to a position of higher salary is transferred or demoted in accordance with applicable law and local board or special school district policy to a lower position. In such case, the teacher or other school employee shall return to the salary previously received in the lower position from which he was promoted.

(d) The transfer of an employee into a position for which the board-approved salary is lower if such transfer is the result of the elimination of a position, a school closure, or a school or program reorganization.

As of this writing, there are 15 prospective education bills on file for Louisiana’s 2016 regular session, 14 in the House and one in the Senate. These include, for example, prospective legislation to make VAM optional; limit the testing component of teacher eval to a max of 35 percent, and extend sick leave for certain circumstances. (For a list of prospective 2016 bills and associated links, click here.)

Landry’s HB 392 is the only one that reeks of Jindalesque, anti-classroom-teacher sentiment.

Nancy Landry. Louisiana House Ed chair.

What a farce.

blood turnip 2


Schneider is a southern Louisiana native, career teacher, trained researcher, and author of the ed reform whistle blower, A Chronicle of Echoes: Who’s Who In the Implosion of American Public Education.

She also has a second book, Common Core Dilemma: Who Owns Our Schools?.

both books

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  1. While ALL of this is a farce (and a frightening one at that) what really caught my attention was that little phrase at the beginning: “a public hearing held in the middle of the school day.” I hold so much anger and so much frustration at how often, over the past decade, for one reason or another reform invasions have repeatedly forced teachers to leave their classrooms (to be retrained, to proctor yet another test, to attend a mandatory meeting, to be instructed in data analysis, etc.) all while their students are unconcernedly left behind and forced to deal with whoever might be available to fill the absent teacher’s slot. We are robbing these poor children of their one chance at an education, all at the whim of those who — in the process of “fixing” our schools — force teachers out of the classroom, again, and again, and again.

  2. I would like to nominate her for a Darwin Award…..The elimination of her from the gene pool will ultimately be a benefit to society as a whole.

  3. Laura H. Chapman permalink

    Also reeks of ALEC. I have not looked there recently.

  4. Heather G permalink

    Maybe she doesn’t realize how many days teachers are pulled from their classroom to learn new curriculum mandated by the state that two years later the state changes again…she is part of the huge financial waste in education in the state. Actually, she’s a waste of space in the house. Is she seriously this stupid of a person? How about she cut her pay until the state can pass a balanced budget without taxes being raised and education and health care being robbed? Step up or step out. Politicians in Louisiana are the worst.

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