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Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke to Run for US Senate; Says Trump Acceptance Speech Inspired Him

July 22, 2016

The 1992 Louisiana governors race put former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke against known crooked former Louisiana governor, Edwin Edwards.

Edwards was known for lining his pockets with public money, but the prospect of Duke as governor was just plain scary.

Knowing Edwards would rip off Louisana, and familiar with the political catch of really wanting neither candidate but knowing one must be elected, people circulated bumper stickers that read, “Vote for the crook. It’s important.” (Indeed, Edwards ended up serving eight years in federal prison, 2002-2011, for corruption.)

I was thinking of that 1992 Louisiana governor’s race today as I read yet another piece (I have read many) that offer concern of Donald Trump in the White House as frightening.

And wouldn’t you know, even as I was thinking of the similar current of fear shared by the Trump for Prez and Duke for Gov campaigns, David Duke was registering to run for the US Senate seat vacated by Louisiana Senator David Vitter.

And guess what? Duke said his entrance was “inspired” by Trump, whom Duke views as “a man embracing the core issues I’ve fought for my whole life,” as the July 22, 2016, Monroe News Star reports:

BATON ROUGE — Former Klansman David Duke emerged from a 17-year political hiatus here Friday to qualify for the U.S. Senate race in a state already roiling with racial tension…

“The climate in this country is moving in my direction,” he said, also saying he “won’t apologize for my past.”

Duke said he will fight to end what he believes is “massive racial discrimination” against whites and called Black Lives Matter “a terrorist organization.” …

“There is massive racial discrimination going on against European Americans,” he said. “They’re seeking to cleanse European Americans from their own country.”

Duke said he was inspired by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s acceptance speech, noting Trump discussed immigration and equal rights among other issues.

“I thought, wow, here’s a man embracing the core issues I’ve fought for my whole life,” he said.

Turns out Trump isn’t too keen on having his name connected to former KKKer Duke:

Duke regained some notoriety during the presidential election cycle when he endorsed Trump. The Republican nominee was criticized for initially refusing to disavow Duke’s support, saying he didn’t know anything about Duke, before finally distancing himself from Duke days later.

“I don’t care about what Donald Trump says about me; I respect what he’s doing,” Duke said.

And in keeping with the marriage of politics and corruption, Duke was forced to take a break from pursuing an elected office because he lost the right to vote for 14 years for ditching his tax obligations:

The Louisiana Secretary of State’s office said Duke, who was convicted of tax evasion in 2002, had his voter registration restored in May of this year. He hasn’t voted since 2000. Previous felony convictions don’t prohibit serving in elected office.

Previous felony doesn’t prevent holding elected office. Swell.

Like Trump, Duke is a Republican shock, and Republicans were quick to try to distance themselves from him. Of course, Duke is openly affiliated with the KKK and a convicted felon; so, if it is possible to consider, Duke is ahead of Trump in the “scary” category. Again from the Monroe News Star:

Roger Villere, chairman of the Republican Party of Louisiana, quickly condemned Duke.

“The Republican Party opposes, in the strongest possible terms, David Duke’s candidacy for any public office,” Villere said in a statement. “David Duke is a convicted felon and a hate-filled fraud who does not embody the values of the Republican Party.”

National Republicans also distanced themselves from Duke.

“Louisiana voters will be able to choose from several Republican Senate candidates who will have a great impact on the Bayou State and the future of our country,” National Republican Senatorial Committee executive director Ward Baker said in a statement. “David Duke is not one of them. He will not have the support of the NRSC under any circumstance.”

There is apparently a Republican worse than Trump.

What is it with the Republican Party and scary candidates?

david duke donald trump David Duke & Donald Trump


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  1. Reblogged this on Helen of Marlowe's Blog and commented:
    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any scarier – The “sheriff’s star” incident drew praise from white supremacist leader David Duke, and now Duke says the country is moving in his direction.The former Ku Klux Klan leader is running for the U.S. Senate, linking his decision to Donald Trump. Every time I think “this will be the end of Trump” I am proven wrong. I ran across Mercedes Schneider’s EduBlog and thought this worth reblogging.

  2. DanG permalink

    For this creep to emerge now from under what must have been a very large rock shows that even our. industrial grade pesticides have a limit on their effectiveness.

  3. confused permalink

    So our public schools across the country are attacked and destroyed by Republicans, the 1% and deformers. In our state BESE is helping to insure public schools and teachers are struggling or almost defeated in our attempts to contribute to an educated citizenry. Trump saw an opportunity to purchase the Presidency and he took it! He and Duke know that thanks to the ongoing attacks on anything that supports intelligence, diversity and the goal of educating ANY child Anywhere is creating the perfect gap in which to slither! All those 1%, so-called experts who tell education how to run and govern itself are so busy taking their profits to the bank they didn’t notice the disaster THEY have helped create! They have been making deals with the devil so long they didn’t see he had shown up and is now running for President! Trump’s minions like Duke maybe evil, but they are not stupid! The wage gap, poverty, the NRAs power to support violence, the marginalization of huge portions of American society, racism and all the other “isms” that show humanity’s failings and a complacent and apathetic general population have all contributed! Men like Trump look for any opponent’s weakness and capitalize on it. Men like Duke wait for the scrapes. Wonder how they will blame teachers for Trump and Duke? They blame us for all the other ills of society! School is getting ready to start. The casualties are increasing in the war on all that made America the country I am proud to have been born in, served to protect and now give my all to create each year’s class of future citizens. All over America educators are preparing themselves for another year of fighting to be able to teach. To be able to provide ever child in our classroom with the best education we can. We need Sun Tzu’s Art of Education!

  4. Wendy Johnson-Niblick permalink

    Great post, thank you.

  5. Laura H. Chapman permalink

    Trump has set in motion a race to the bottom. David Duke’s run for a Senate seat is another proof of that.

  6. permalink

    Speaking of scary politicians- I’ve been reading about the Clinton’s involvement in Cocaine rings. They are also involved with sex slaves. After the accounts and documentation that I’ve read, there is NO way that I would ever vote for her regardless of anything she might say about her stance on education. The Clinton’s are both criminals of the most insidious type. In addition, as a former military member, I am ashamed that the media narrative is willing to overlook her handling of Benghazi. Again and again Clinton has violated the Constitution and fundamental morals of our country. She is lock-step with all UN driven agendas towards NWO. Her/their aspirations are truly communistic.

    Trump is not a perfect candidate. However, his bafoonery pales in comparison to the evils of the Clinton’s. I would hope your writing bears this in mind.

    Thank you.


  7. For the media establishment, what is scary about these two candidates is that they are both intelligent, educated, straight white men. If they were gay or black they would not scare the establishment. The idea of an honest, straight talking white man actually holding office is scary because the establishment would all end up in jail if these kind of men start winning for office. Why does he have a felony conviction and not Hillary or Bill or their Godfather Marc Rich? Judging someone by whether or not they have a felony conviction is misleading because the real crooks never even get indicted. Only the good political guys end up in jail, when the pirates have created the judicial system. Duke is aware that the white race has about one generation to make up for the lack of births that has occurred over the past two generations. White people are on the verge of extinction. If that sounds crazy to you, then it’s only because you haven’t been paying attention, and you’ll never hear it from the establishment who’s plan it is to diminish the white race to 0% of the population. If anyone thinks it’s racist to defend white people, then my point is proven. We aren’t even allowed to defend ourselves, and most whites that I know truly believe that white people ought to be exterminated. This is what they learn in school and military, from what I”ve been told.

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