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Apple Education Services Deals in Student Data Yet Posts NO Privacy Policy

July 26, 2016

On July 22, 2016, I posted a piece entitled, “Apple Education Services Posts Its Privacy Policy– in Latin. In that post, I assumed that Apple Education Services, a nonprofit that is part of the Gulen network, had tried to conceal a privacy policy that someone had required it to post by posting it in Latin.

I tried to translate using Google Translate, but most did not translate, and what did was nonsense.

A couple of readers pointed out that the AES privacy policy content is actually what is known as “lorem ipsum,” nonsense filler text used to make decisions on typset (layout and font) without getting lost in reading a text itself for meaning.

So, AES is doing more than trying to hide its privacy policy; it simply has no privacy policy and just decided to offer a privacy policy box full of linguistic styrofoam peanuts– not worth anything in and of itself but sufficient to make an empty box appear full to those who only glance at it from a distance.

The lorem ipsum used on AES does not include the opening “lorem ipsum” text. It actually starts in the middle, unlike the lorem ipsum promoted as the “privacy policy” on this belly dancer’s website,, and this “beauty” website, However, the AES lorem ipsum is identical to that posted as the privacy policy on the University of Michigan’s website.

Bottom line: The use of lorem ipsum as privacy policy filler is used as part of a website template and likely was not intentionally written by AES, only left there as part of a website template– which means that student data dealer AES– a site that posts no names of individuals operating AES– also offers no publicly-visible policy on the student data that it handles for schools and school systems in several states.




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  1. Dang permalink

    Part of a website template notwithstanding, I cannot believe that APPLE of all entities was unaware of the content of its link. It was probably regarded as a cute way to illustrate the magnitude of the contempt these corporate reptiles have for the public.

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