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TFA Joke Video about a Dating App Followed by “Don’t Join TFA” Video

September 23, 2016

TFA has a humorous video ad to recruit members. The ad is about the “TFA Dating App,” which is not real. The fictitious app, called, “One Night,” actually makes TFA sound like a teaching “one night stand.” (Oops to marketing.) Since TFA is a temp gig, the short-sighted parallel fits.

What I also found interesting is the video that followed the ad on Youtube. The second video, created in April 2015 by a former TFAer, is entitled, “Don’t Join Teach for America.” It was created by a young woman who is a native of Costa Rica and raised in Los Angeles. She joined TFA out of fear of not being able to find a job upon graduation. She ended up teaching in Mississippi. and had no say in the matter. She notes that the students of TFA teachers are getting shorted by being continually disrupted in their educations– educations that are being led by TFAers who are learning and fumbling as they go.

This young woman quit TFA (“my health deteriorated”)  and had to repay TFA for her six weeks of summer training and for 9 college classes that were supposed to be her road to becoming a career teacher– a backwards, unrealistic road, she now realizes. The young woman offers a lot of detail on her experience, and her words are well worth hearing.

She refers to TFA as “a hot mess.”

The young woman notes that after two years away from TFA, she still receives invitations from numerous charter schools inviting her to apply as a teacher.

She begins her recorded message by saying that she had wanted to make the video for a while but did not do so sooner because she feared losing friends. In the end, her desire to inform won– thus, the video.

Both videos are included below.




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School Choice: The End of Public Education? 

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Schneider is a southern Louisiana native, career teacher, trained researcher, and author of both A Chronicle of Echoes: Who’s Who In the Implosion of American Public Education and Common Core Dilemma: Who Owns Our Schools?.

both books

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  1. Laura H. Chapman permalink

    Great juxtaposition.

  2. Informed parent permalink

    One night? Like a one night stand?!?

    Or like the only time TFA recruits will have to date or sleep outside of work is one night a week? Ha ha ha!

    The TFA marketing department did not think this through very well at all…

  3. Zorba permalink

    Reblogged this on BLOGGYWOCKY and commented:
    An excellent commentary. Thank you, Mercedes Schneider.
    The first video is unintentionally hilarious. The second one is long, but well worth watching.
    TFA has basically become a temporary employment agency that exists for the purpose of disrespecting and dismantling the public schools, and it also serves the purposes of those billionaires and politicians who want to do so.
    Public schools are one of the bedrocks (or they should be) of our democracy.
    Are there public schools that need improvement? Without a doubt. But let’s improve those schools, and while we’re at it, get serious in this country about doing something to solve the profound problems of poverty and inequality that still exist.

  4. Michael Fiorillo permalink

    How clueless, and dishonest, can these people be?

    A temp agency of scabs claims they are “pro-union?”

    Please, even the naifs in TFA, let alone the opportunists and straight-out hostile takeover artists, know how anti-union this organization is. It’s not only in their DNA, but their training, where they are told to stay away from veteran teachers.

    That’s in the public schools of course; in charters a “veteran” has had one or two cups of coffee in the classroom, if that.

  5. Stefan Anders permalink

    That TFA One Night gets my vote for the stupidest video of the week.

  6. LAEducator permalink

    Very powerful. I wish that more of the public could hear this message.

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