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Names Floated for Trump Ed Secretary: Eva Moskowitz and Michelle Rhee

November 15, 2016

Two of the names in the mix for Trump-nominated US Secretary of Education are Eva Moskowitz and Michelle Rhee.

Moskowitz is the CEO of New York-based Success Academies charter schools. Rhee is the former chancellor of DC Public Schools.

Both are very controlling, with Rhee having a bonus dose of sociopathy.

According to the New York News, a source stated that a Moskowitz appointment “is not going to happen.” This makes sense; in order to become US ed sec, Moskowitz would have to relinquish her tight control over her Success Academies empire– an empire that is heavily dependent upon one person– Eva Moskowitz.

As for Rhee: Congress would have to confirm her appointment, which means Congress would have to dismiss Rhee’s unresolved past regarding the DC cheating scandal as well as a seemingly endless stream of sexual scandal issues related to her husband, Sacramento mayor, Kevin Johnson. Rhee is, however, supposedly a Democrat agreeable to the usually-Republican preference for vouchers.

After leaving DC, she founded StudentsFirst, which she left in 2014 and ended up on the board of Scott’s Miracle Gro.

Rhee is toxic.

We’ll see where this takes us.

Rhee TIME 2008  Rhee, featured on TIME cover in December 2008 as the one to “fix America’s schools.” She left DC amid a test score scandal that has yet to be resolved.


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Schneider is a southern Louisiana native, career teacher, trained researcher, and author of both A Chronicle of Echoes: Who’s Who In the Implosion of American Public Education and Common Core Dilemma: Who Owns Our Schools?.

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  1. Reasons to write! The little people may not be listened to but if they don’t write, they won’t be heard at all. is a link to write letters to Trump. It’s an opportunity to push hard on local control and draining the swamp and to name names.

  2. Christine Langhoff permalink

    Methinks the seamy activities of Rhee’s hubby would help him blend in, rendering her an excellent fit for the Trumpists.

  3. I agree that Rhee is toxic. Her ideas of Rhee-form are so far off the mark. Punishing teachers rather than providing adequacy or equity for students is not path forward. Thank you for helping to get the word out on these potentially dangerous appointments.

  4. Carson was too smart to board Trump’s train wreck waiting to happen — maybe we’ll get to see if Rhee is, too.

  5. Edd Doerr permalink

    Eva and Rhee? Aaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The best course of action is the read the solutions-based book “Why We Failed: 40 Years of Education Reform” no matter who is #EdSecretary Available now on Amazon

  7. What other names are being considered? These two are my worst nightmare. Thanks.

  8. I hope this happens. Once so-called ed reform is tied with Trump they’ll never be able to convince people it’s progressive.

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