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Trump Whisperer Kellyanne Conway Snubbed by DC Private Schools

December 29, 2016

Private school choice involves the right of the private school to refuse to admit students.

President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign manager-become-counselor, Kellyanne Conway, is discovering this for herself as she is apparently being stonewalled in her quest to enroll her children into private school in DC.

As Richard Johnson of Page Six reports:

Kellyanne Conway is worried establishment elites in Washington, DC, are so prejudiced against President-elect Donald Trump that she won’t be able to get her kids into private school in the nation’s capital.

Conway divulged her fears to other parents at the Elisabeth Morrow School in Englewood, NJ, on Thursday night, when her twins, George and Claudia, performed a concert with other students. …

Conway, who was Trump’s campaign manager, is moving to DC to be counselor to the president. …

[One source said,] “Kellyanne is asking everyone with connections to DC schools for help.”

While in DC on Wednesday with her kids looking at schools, Conway told me, “I would not characterize myself as ‘worried’ so much as amused by the silence and sighs on the other end of the phone when friends and allies have made preliminary inquiries on our behalf.”

It is tough fighting the “establishment elites” outside of one’s own elite camp.

The refreshing news is that as of this writing, Conway is not airing her private school enrollment difficulties on Twitter, which means she is modeling appropriate behavior for the one she is to counsel, Donald J. Trump.

Now, I understand that it could be an ego blow to Conway to have to resort to enrolling her kids in public school. Even so, she might just have to, especially if Michigan billionaire Betsy DeVos does not get confirmed as US secretary of education and is therefore not able to help Conway voucherize her children right out of those nasty public schools.

Conway should have a *choice*; so, I would like to offer some options:

First, Conway could enroll her children in public school in DC. Sure, DC has a voucher–I mean, an Opportunity Scholarship– program, which might look like a convenient exit for any public-school-attending Conways. However, Kellyanne Conway makes too much money to qualify for vouchers in order to escape “the fastest improving urban school district in the country”– with that “fastest improving” sales job hinging upon NAEP outcomes of advantaged and white student subgroups.

But there is also a second option:

Conway could send her children to public school elsewhere. Former US Secretary of Education and Common Core pusher Arne Duncan enrolled his children in public school in Arlington, Virginia.

Virginia did not formally adopt Common Core, and the Arlington Public Schools are creamy– as is Arlington in general. From my July 2015 post:

Arlington Public Schools QuickFacts include the following: 31 schools, 23 of which are elementary schools; average teacher salary: $79,579; teachers with a masters degree: 79%; cost per pupil: $18,616; Arlington median household income: $106,400; per capita income: $85,900; Arlington residents’ highest level of education: bachelors, 71.7%; graduate degrees, 37.4%– not sure how this totals more than 100%; 2014 on-time graduation rate: 92%.

Arlington is nice (draw out the word “nice” when you say it), indeed, as are Arlington Public Schools. No failure where there is affluence. But it is a public school system, and there still exists the ego dent at Conway’s possibly having to resort to enrolling her children in the very public school system that the man she is whispering for, Donald Trump, is trying to erase via his “Voucher to the Top” plan.

There is a final option:

A DeVos organization could arrange to buy a private school for the less fortunate (by comparison) Conways, thereby introducing them to the superior, private school boredom that Betsy DeVos said was her experience “all the way through high school.”

But at least it wasn’t public school boredom. Elite boredom is better.

And at least Conway isn’t tweeting about DC’s private schools choosing to not choose her children.

At least.

kellyanne-conway  Kellyanne Conway


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  1. donna permalink

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  2. Concerned Citizen permalink

    When you say there is no common core in virginia look at the curriculums.

    • Virginia did not officially adopt Common Core. What they do with curriculum is their call.

  3. The premise of the story is nonsense. In any major metro like DC, the most desirable private schools have a two year (or more) waiting list to get in. Conway didn’t even apply until after the election! Now, in order to let her kids in they would have to “bump” four students from families who played by the rules and planned ahead. You can get away with that if yours are the president’s kids, but not Conway’s.

    Send them to public school, or homeschool with tutors, until places open up in the schools parents prefer.

    • I completely agree. She tried to cut in line and ended up whining. There are always alternatives

  4. Christine Langhoff permalink

    So much delicious irony!
    Thanks for the belly laugh.

  5. Abigail Shure permalink

    Choice is rough! My sympathies to Kellyanne.

  6. permalink

    I would like to share a few things with you.

  7. I will make the same comment I made to someone who tried to bully me concerning my political beliefs. You reap what you sow.

  8. ginaleeann permalink

    Oh, the irony! I can’t wait to see how this turns out for the Conways.

  9. Harlan Underhill permalink

    Such nasty liberal schadenfreude.

  10. Mercedes, this is hilarious!

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