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Seeking Your Assistance

April 27, 2017

Hello, all. I am running a wee bit of a fundraising campaign to pay for renewal of my access to nonprofit tax information via the site, The annual fee is $350. My current membership expires May 05, 2017.

I often include nonprofit tax information in my blog posts– and I often link to the tax forms to enable public access.

In total, I am hoping to raise $380 (the extra $30 is for online fees associated with my campaign.)

Please visit my fundraising page at, and thank you for considering a contribution. 🙂


  1. stiegem permalink

    I’m glad you asked. You deserve it! Keep on. ❤

  2. Will you send your address for an old school contribution? Thanks.

  3. Laura H. Chapman permalink

    Me too you have my email. I am averse to online solitiations of all kinds.

  4. Duane E Swacker permalink

    Looks like your reached your goal (and enough for next years subscription-how cool is that!) Felicitaciones. Hope to see you in the fall at NPE conference!

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