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Want an Authentic Teaching Degree Without Working for It?

May 28, 2017

In reading about teacher ed scams, I came across an interesting website:

This website purports to deliver authentic degrees to individuals who want a “real accredited degree” without the bothersome task of actually earning it.

I read a couple of the website pages and noticed a number of typos and other errors. Not encouraging. (The types of errors make me think that the English is that of a non-native individual(s).)

I also noticed that even as the site specializes in fraudulent credentialing, it strokes the egos of those who would fake an education that they do not possess.

All of this for a fee, of course.

From the home page:


Our goal is to specifically let you buy a degree online at a very affordable price and in a shorter period of time.

We Offer Only Quality Services and Guarantee 100% Satisfaction Rate

Our mission is to partner with educational institutions and help degree seekers attain their needs such as to buy a degree online.
Our services are 100% legal, safe and fast. …

All degrees comes from real physical universities from around the world! They are 100% LEGAL, VERIFIABLE, AND ACCREDITED! …

In less than 5 days you will get a real accredited and verifiable degree, without stepping foot into a classroom or doing any kind of coursework or exams! …

We will never share or reveal any details which could damage your new reputation, we also do not store any information longer than 7 days after order is complete! …

We are partners with All payments are processed trough 2048 bits encryption. Same method is used by biggest world banks! …

For someone that’s been aware of the fact that you can easily purchase a diploma over the Internet, making an impression takes more than what a diploma mill can offer. Providing individuals around the world with the best online degrees is no walk through the park. From the process of issuing a degree, to the various kinds of higher education programs, the available subjects, supporting documents and even graduation gown, cap and hood, making the best online degrees available for busy entrepreneurs takes a lot of effort. …

About Us

University Degrees Education was put up to answer the increasing demands of people wanting to buy a degree online and have their bachelor, master’s and even doctorate degree without the burden of going to school and accomplishing bulk of coursework. With the competitive society that we have now, being unemployed is the least you can be. With University Degree Solutions you can choose and buy a degree online suited to your skills and needs. With its pool of accredited colleges and universities worldwide, you can buy a degree online you can be proud of.

And from the site’s pricing link:

If you are interested to buy a degree from us , you should take a look at the fee structure :

Bachelors Degree


Master’s Degree


Doctorate Degree


Now, here’s my fave:

Honorary Doctorate Degree


And more– faking a job:



Honorary Professorship

790$ …

No Need to taky any exams or study, you can get real degree from real universities without opening a single book!

Another favorite website moment related to purchasing a doctorate degree— but not prematurely:

The highest degree you can have is a doctorate degree. Typically, this may last for four years or more. Just like a master’s degree, it requires passing the comprehensive exam and finishing a dissertation. You should have a master’s degree first before you buy a doctorate degree.

The site purports to sell education degrees. Keep in mind that the person purchasing this *degree* is seeking to bypass actually earning it:

What is Education?

It is a discipline that involves the technicality of education as a formal process where society and people transmit the knowledge, skills, customs, and values to the next generation.

And from the FAQs page:

Is it possible to buy a real degree from an authentic University ?

Knowing that traditionally you would have to spend at least 4 years of your life studying for a BA on a day-to-day basis, while also paying up thousands of dollars in terms of tuition fees and campus living costs, it might seem unrealistic that you can obtain a certificate of exactly the same value in only a matter of days and for an infinitely smaller cost. The truth is, however, that it is possible to buy a real degree from an authentic University and we are one of the multiple online enterprises that can make this happen for you, safely and confidentially.

Where is your office?

We have offices located in New York, London, Tokyo and Berlin.

What is your “Customer Satisfaction Guarantee”?

We provide “Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed” for all of our services. This means that we standbehind all our services because we have highly trained staff who are dedicated to providing goodoutcomes for our clients.

Who would protest not getting “good customer satisfaction” when trying to obtain a credential without legitimately working for it?

A reminder that the typos in this post are from the site.

More FAQs:

What is the extent of your customer service?

Our customer service is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most enquiries will be answeredwithin 6-12 hours.Are you affiliated with other websites?We are not affiliated with other websites or with any diploma mills or fake degree websites.

Can I request my university degree to be backdated?

Yes, you can indicate your graduation year and we can backdate your degree. However, wecannot future date your degree.

What are the security features of your university degrees?

There are certain security features in our university degrees that will include but are not limited toholograms, embossing, watermarks and some other passport-like printing and security features.(We are not able to mention them all here.)

How do I know your website is creditable and trustworthy? Why I should trust you?

Our company provides the following:A comprehensive university brochureAccredited, verifiable and legal degrees with an official websiteA Satisfaction Guaranteed policyVerification directly from the universityLawyer, government and embassy legalizationA thesis / dissertation serviceGraduation gown, cap and hoodA lifetime customer support serviceFurthermore, neither our website nor the university has negative reports online or offline, and theuniversity has not been blacklisted as a diploma mill. We do not have fake, life experience, orreplica degrees.

Can you tell us about your quantity control?

We limit the number of degrees and majors available in the market. We want to protect ourbusiness and our customers because we don’t want too many degrees or too many majors from asingle university or multiple universities flooding into the market in a single country. Therefore, westrictly control the number of particular majors from a particular university to a reasonable amount.

What is legalization?

Legalization is the authentication process whereby civil and judicial officials reliably verify theauthenticity of documents that have been issued abroad. Legalization is proof created by a chainof authentications, each by a progressively higher government authority, to ultimately narrow thepoint of contact between countries to a single designated official. Degree legalization can alsoserve as an extra authentic layer for creditability.

Do you accept payment by PayPal?

Sorry, we don’t accept payment by PayPal at the moment.

Sounding increasingly legal to me, and trustworthy….

So, here’s how this site likely operates:

It has “universities” set up as storefronts in various countries, and some contrived or otherwise questionable entity are “accredited” these storefront schools. The storefront university is then available to create the necessary paper trail and to even answer a phone if need be.

The site does not specifically identify the school from which one’s “degree” comes until the purchase is made. Its so-called “universities” are not readily exposed. However, a group with the cash could purchase several “degrees” and out this website by publicizing its storefront universities.

There’s a lot more to read on this site– all of it entertaining.

Let me end this post with this strange tidbit that appears at the end of the FAQs page:

The buyer’s perspective

The typical employee of today’s global job market boasts a resume that is brimmed with degrees, courses and certificates, only to get an equal chance at a position. As a consequence, seeing as there are so many qualified people to choose from, employers have upped the requirements themselves, which means that in order to aim at a reasonable, comfortable job, you have to get your degrees straight.

Got that? Get your degrees straight.

Kind of like getting your story straight– which is what people try to do when they lie.

One could falsify credentials to be one of those “qualified people.”


One could actually be honest, go to school, and work for the credential, which continues to be the more popular route despite the cost and the delayed gratification.


Want to read about the history of charter schools and vouchers?

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school choice cover  (Click image to enlarge)

Schneider is a southern Louisiana native, career teacher, trained researcher, and author of two other books: A Chronicle of Echoes: Who’s Who In the Implosion of American Public Education and Common Core Dilemma: Who Owns Our Schools?.

both books

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  1. Joseph Weldon permalink

    Definitely the effort of an English language learner. Only other English language learners would not recognize this. Also the pricing scheme does not make sense.

  2. In only 5 days!

    • I’m put in mind of the Teach For America promise that young, inexperienced, minimally-trained super teachers can come on in and “save” our poorest schools in only two years!

  3. What freakin SCAM. Don’t be taken by this loser. Con artist.

  4. Laura H. Chapman permalink

    Here is some advanced thinking from Great Britain. Buy one degree, get one free of charge. free..
    Not long ago you could buy a diploma in almost any subject, religion, or practice short of an honorary degree. What you got was a graphic design that looked like a diploma with your name on it. promotes a future of learning where credits are earned (stackable badges or certificates) which might or might not become “a degree” but are intended to function as credentials for employment or academic achievement.
    Almost all of so-called personalized learning is aimed at making teachers and schools obsolete.

  5. The sad thing is that there are administrators and district leaders who have used these fake degrees on their resumes. Thank you for exposing this one Mercedes.

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