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BREAKING: NM Ed Comm. Hanna Skandera Gives Her Two-Weeks Notice

June 8, 2017

I find the timing of this situation interesting.

At 6 a.m. on June 08, 2017, WRQE broke the story that New Mexico Ed Commissioner Hanna Skandera will be resigning from her position effective June 20, 2017.

Skandera offered no additional details.


In December 2016, Politico Pro reported that Skandera “is under close consideration for education deputy secretary or undersecretary in the Trump administration.” And on June 06, 2017, the person whom Politico Pro had expected US ed sec Betsy DeVos to nominate for US deputy ed sec, Al Hubbard, decided to decline the nomination because he would have had to sell off some investments in order to comply with ethics requirements.

Hubbard, who is considered a major ghostwriter for Indiana’s 2011 Jeb-Bush/ALEC-styled ed reforms (including vouchers), noted that DeVos would have to begin her search for a deputy “from scratch.”

Perhaps not. Perhaps all DeVos must do is rely upon another Jeb Bush connection. Skandera was a Jeb Bush Chief for Change when he ran that organization, and by January 2016, she even quietly became chair of Common Core testing consortium, PARCC.

Bush clung to his hopes for Common Core until he reluctantly declared his Common Core allegiance “poisonous” in August 2015.

So, it seemed that Skandera’s Common Core associations might prevent DeVos from nominating her as deputy secretary.

But DeVos also has strong connections to Florida– and to Jeb Bush— who even pitched for her in the January 2017 USA Today op/eds.

All of this means that Skandera’s resignation at NM ed commissioner might well mean that a position in DeVos’ Dept. of Ed. is in the works.

  Hanna Skandera


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  1. Linda permalink

    Conservative Leaders for Education posted recommended candidates for DeVos’ job, among them Skandera. Ohio Senate Education Committee Chair, Peggy Lehner (reportedly, her sister is the President of the Gates-funded NCTQ) founded CL4E.

  2. I cannot think of anyone as undeserving of a national position in education but, then again, she can join the ranks of Bill Bennett, Arnie Duncan, and the most supremely unqualified current leader, Betsy DeVos. We are just happy to have her out of New Mexico. She has put us through seven years of hell.

  3. Cindy Mann permalink

    The icing on the garbage cake (I keep picturing a garbage truck turned over & all the piggies eating quickly~ACA, Dodd-Frank, climate protections, yum yum!). This woman is pushing abstinence only family life edu. We all know this is proven to not work! Our kids get approximately 45minsyr of sex ed and hours /week misinformation from the internet.

  4. Laura H. Chapman permalink

    And don’t forget that Rod Paige is still around making profits and connections from his early launch based on fraud the Texas non-miracle.

  5. If the investigation into the Trump administration’s ties to Russia end up causing Trump to leave the White House early, impeachment and/or resignation, I wonder how many of the Kremlin’s Agent Orange’s beachhead troops invading the U.S. federal government with the obvious intent to erode and subvert the U.S. Constitution would leave with him. All of them I hope.

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