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John White Forgot Something on Several Years of Ethics Disclosures: His Wife.

July 9, 2017

In October 2015, I wrote a post in which I examined Louisiana state superintendent John White’s ethics filings.

As state superintendent of education, White is required to annually file a Tier 1 personal financial disclosure report. As of this writing, White has annual reports (and, in some cases, amended reports) on file for the calendar years 2012 through 2016.

These annual personal financial disclosure reports include sections one is to complete on one’s spouse.

My October 2015 post included White’s annual disclosure filings for 2012 to 2014.

Here are the two White filed since that time:



As I wrote the October 2015 post on White’s ethics filings, I noticed that by the 2013 annual disclosure, White no longer included information on his wife. (She was accounted for on his 2012 original filing and amended filings. See October 2015 post for links.)

I assumed that he did not list a wife in 2013 because he was no longer married.

Not so. In fact, it seems that White continued to be married until around December 2016.

Right above the signature line, each of White’s ethics filings includes the statement,

Certification of Accuracy

I do hereby certify that the information contained in this personal financial disclosure form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

The above certification statement was expanded in 2013 to include “after having been duly sworn”:

Certification of Accuracy

I do hereby certify, after having been duly sworn, that the information contained in this personal financial disclosure form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

In 2012, White included information on his wife.

In 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, he chose to omit details about his spouse despite his Hereby Certifying that such an omission was True and Correct to the Best of his Knowledge.

This situation further illustrates White’s willingness to omit information even as he swears that his information is true and correct– a key point in my writing this post.

John White married his (now ex-) wife in October 2007 in Texas, which is where she is from. Both he and his ex-wife were associated with Teach for America, where she was a recruitment communications manager for one year (2004-05). Around that time (2006-07), White was ending his stint as TFA executive director in Chicago and moving on to New York, which is where he apparently continued to maintain a residence with her and frequent that residence until late 2014.

In March 2015, White’s former wife started blogging. I discovered so only recently, and one of her posts in particular helped me realize that White had intentionally omitted her from several years of his ethics disclosures.

I have read several of her posts, which center on self-discovery as she processes and confronts her own life.

In a post from November 2016, she writes the following:

While an undergrad at The University of Texas at Austin, I was all about that public affairs life. Running a student government campaign, serving on the university’s cabinet as health chair, volunteering nonstop, working polling locations in my neighborhood, supporting local campaigns, serving as a delegate for the DNC at the age of 21. I loved being so involved, so in-tune with the issues. I was fueled by the love I had for my country.

Later on, I started to slip. I took the LSATs but never went to law school. I thought about transferring from the healthcare team to the public affairs team at the PR company where I worked but decided to stay where I was. I became involved in the education movement while working at Teach For America but left a year later.  I volunteered less and less. My [now ex] husband worked his way into the political world in 2007 and little by little, as politics took him away from me, I began to rebel against them. Public affairs, in a sense, was the other woman. And because of that, I wanted nothing to do with her.

Wow. Powerful.

In 2007, White was involved with the New York City Department of Education under Joel Klein, first as CEO of NYC’s Portfolio Division, then as deputy chancellor, where he remained until being briefly positioned as Recovery School District (RSD) superintendent in New Orleans (May 2011) on his predetermined, politically-greased way to Louisiana’s state superintendency in January 2012.

During his time as an administrator in NYC’s schools, White held no administrative certification in the State of New York. (One can search New York State teacher and administrator certifications here.) When he arrived in Louisiana, White had three years of classroom experience, no experience as an assistant principal or principal, and higher-level admin experience (positioning?) in NYC public schools on those three years of teaching and a bachelors degree in English.

White did not even hold a masters degree until his time in NYC ended and he was on his way to become RSD superintendent, in mid-2011.

Thus, I find it telling that his former wife describes White’s time as a high-level administrator in New York City’s public schools as his “working his way into the political world,” not the education world.

John White is not an educator. He is a politician.

As powerful as the above blog post excerpt is, the next post I consider profound– and not only for the information that provides evidence of White’s providing incomplete information on his ethics disclosure filings.

The post, entitled, “So This Is Christmas,” is dated December 25, 2016, and begins as follows:

Two years ago, I was supposed to be spending Christmas on a beach in Mexico. With him.

Instead, I sat on my couch feeling stunned and heartbroken, trying to figure out what happened to my happily ever after.

Today, I’m celebrating Christmas in Mexico. On the beach. Alone. By myself. As a strong, confident, single woman. And with a much more fuller and happier heart.

Me: Are you sure you want to book this trip?

Him: Yeah, sure.

Me: But they won’t refund the deposit if we have to cancel last-minute.

Him: It’s fine.

Me: Hi, I’d like to reserve a spot for two at Mar de Jade. The credit card number is…

The whole time I was giving out that number, I knew we wouldn’t be going. Something didn’t feel right. And sure enough, he ended the relationship the very next day. Again. For the last time.

Click on the post link to read the rest.

Also, before leaving any comments to her posts, please consider that this is a woman who is outside of ed reform, who wanted her marriage to work, and who obviously felt/feels the loss.

john white 2   John White


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  1. Deede permalink

    I always knew John White was a fraud! It also shows just how crooked Jundal was too!

  2. Zorba permalink

    Well, see, Mercedes, White was thinking of getting divorced in 2013, he just didn’t actually get around to it for three years, so it’s okay, then. /snark

  3. MM Dowell permalink

    Thanks Mercedes, makes me SICK to read that someone decides to “get involved in the education movement.” It’s a career, a conscious trajectory, and for some, a vocation. This is about educating children not policy and political moves. Does it surprise anyone that Mr. White might lack ethics? And sorry, Fiana sounds like a self-indulgent whiner…..

  4. Linda permalink

    A person’s conduct with his/her spouse, to whom he/she pledged an oath is an important indicator for other areas requiring honesty. Questions have been raised about what appears to be simultaneous employment in Chicago but, allegedly, without confirmation from one of the cited employers. Citizens have the right to leaders who deserve respect for their honesty and integrity. It is the foundation for faith in a just government. Sacrifices are made by taxpayers to fund the salaries and overhead of public employees. A substantial sum has been allocated to the state superintendent. For that reason among others, the Education Department’s management must be above reproach.

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