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Birthday Wish Met and Then Some!

August 6, 2017

On the late evening of August 05, 2017, I posted a thank you message to the many kind supporters of my birthday fundraiser for my attendance at the upcoming Network for Public Education (NPE) conference in Oakland, California, in October.

At the time of that posting, people had generously contributed $1,158 of my $1,350 GoFundMe goal, which was enough for airfare, hotel, and airport parking, and for which I was truly thankful.

By breakfast on the morning of August 06, 2017, not only had my goal of $1,350 been completely met but also exceeded by $300, for a remarkable campaign total of $1,650.

Your thoughtfulness is indeed touching. Thank you so very much.

And in case you were wondering, as of lunchtime today, my scrumptious birthday cake is gone, baby, gone. 🙂

birthday cake gone


  1. Jill Reifschneider permalink

    Have your cake and eat it too! Thank you for all you so! I hope you are a presenter! Enjoy!!

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