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Louisiana’s Class of 2017 ACT Scores Released

August 9, 2017

See this Google Doc for Louisiana’s Class of 2017 ACT scores by school and by district (tabs at top left corner).

I also created a back-up using Excel: LA ACT Scores 2012-2017

As of this writing, the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) has not yet posted the file with the Class of 2017 ACT composite scores. (UPDATE 08-10-17: The file is there, but forget consistency of file order or file names. It’s under “2012-2017 State-LEA-School ACT Summary” near the bottom of a list of files, left column. UPDATE 08-11-17: Now the file is posted second from the top of the column but remains under its mismatched file name.)

The Google Doc above was as part of the August 09, 2017, Advocate article entitled, “Louisiana’s ACT Scores Show Tiny Rise; St. Tammany Leads State for Third Year.”

One noteworthy convenience/benefit for Louisiana state superintendent John White is that the schools of the state-run Recovery School District in New Orleans (RSD-NO) are in transition to return to the Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB)– which means the embarrassingly low ACT composite scores for many of those state-run schools can more easily be concealed as they are combined with higher-scoring OPSB high schools.

RSD-NO schools returning to OPSB are bolded. Notice that all are below (with many, well below) the now-combined OPSB-RSD-NO 2017 average ACT composite of 18.9.


Warren Easton Senior High School

2017 ACT Composite


Benjamin Franklin High School 28.8
Edna Karr High School 18.3
Lusher Charter School 26.9
McDonogh #35 College Preparatory School 16.5
Eleanor McMain Secondary School 18.2
New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics HS 20
Lake Area New Tech Early College High School 16.4
The NET Charter High School 14.3
Crescent Leadership Academy 14.2
ReNEW Accelerated High School West Bank Campus 14
Sci Academy 18.4
G. W. Carver Collegiate Academy 16.7
Cohen College Prep 18
Lord Beaconsfield Landry-Oliver Perry Walker High 16.3
Algiers Technology Academy 15.6
Sophie B. Wright Institute of Academic Excellence 18.1
KIPP Renaissance High School 18.3
Joseph S. Clark Preparatory High School 15.9
Dr. Martin Luther King Charter School for Sci/Tech 16.8

And here are the Louisiana 2017 ACT average composite scores by school district:



Acadia Parish



Allen Parish 19.6
Ascension Parish 20.3
Assumption Parish 18.8
Avoyelles Parish 18
Beauregard Parish 19.5
Bienville Parish 18.6
Bossier Parish 20.7
Caddo Parish 19.7
Calcasieu Parish 20
Caldwell Parish 19.3
Cameron Parish 19.2
Catahoula Parish 18.6
Claiborne Parish 17.3
Concordia Parish 18.1
DeSoto Parish 19.2
East Baton Rouge Parish 18.8
East Carroll Parish 15.2
East Feliciana Parish 19.2
Evangeline Parish 19.3
Franklin Parish 16.9
Grant Parish 19
Iberia Parish 19
Iberville Parish 18.2
Jackson Parish 18.6
Jefferson Parish 19.1
Jefferson Davis Parish 19.4
Lafayette Parish 20.1
Lafourche Parish 19.5
LaSalle Parish 20.4
Lincoln Parish 20.9
Livingston Parish 20.3
Madison Parish 16.8
Morehouse Parish 17.7
Natchitoches Parish 17.9
Orleans All (Orleans Parish & RSD NO schools) 18.9
Ouachita Parish 19.8
Plaquemines Parish 20.5
Pointe Coupee Parish 17.9
Rapides Parish 19.9
Red River Parish 17.8
Richland Parish 17.6
Sabine Parish 18.8
St. Bernard Parish 18.8
St. Charles Parish 20.2
St. Helena Parish 17.1
St. James Parish 19.7
St. John the Baptist Parish 18.2
St. Landry Parish 18.7
St. Martin Parish 17.9
St. Mary Parish 18.7
St. Tammany Parish 22
Tangipahoa Parish 18.6
Tensas Parish 16.8
Terrebonne Parish 19.6
Union Parish 17.1
Vermilion Parish 20.1
Vernon Parish 20.2
Washington Parish 18.6
Webster Parish 18.1
West Baton Rouge Parish 19.5
West Carroll Parish 20.1
West Feliciana Parish 21
Winn Parish 19.6
City of Monroe School District 18.7
City of Bogalusa School District 16.9
Zachary Community School District 21.4
City of Baker School District 17.3
Central Community School District 21.1
East Baton Rouge All (EBR & RSDBR schools) 18.7
Recovery School District – Baton Rouge 15

Note that state-run Recovery School District, Baton Rouge (RSD-BR) and East Baton Rouge are still reported both separately and in combination even though RSD-BR is a single high school, Capitol Prep.

Note also that formerly separate scores for RSD-NO and OPSB are omitted; 2015 was the last year that OPSB and RSD-NO were reported separately (ACT composites of 21 and 16.6, respectively).

To view 2011 to 2017 ACT composite high school scores within districts across Louisiana, click on the Google Doc or corresponding Excel file near the opening of this post.



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