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A Clearing House for Academic Dishonesty Websites

November 8, 2017

I decided to share this site out of my desire to keep fellow teachers informed.

It seems that particularly over the last several years, websites offering to sell “custom writing services”– which means paying another for written work that will bear the non-writer’s name and for which the non-writer gets credit– are proliferating on the internet.

It also seems that some obscure entity,, has taken to providing a clearing house to assist would-be academic cheats the opportunity to choose the best paper-writing fit for his/her needs.

It even offers this blog post, “The Best Ways to Cheat on a Test.”

And, get this: The site notes that “our interest is to shelter our customers from frauds.”

Customers can rely upon for trustworthy assistance in shopping among sites peddling academic dishonesty.

Shake the trees and watch the irony fall like leaves.

Of course, it isn’t packaged as dishonest. It’s packaged as “you deserve a break.” An “about” page excerpt:

Our company’s primary target is to offer guidance to those in need of the best paper writing service, providing the best academic writing and term paper writing service. At the moment, there is a wide range of people who opt for the assistance of such a company because getting a higher education is crucial for every person’s development. However, a higher education often comes with difficulties that are hard to overcome by many.

Those struggling with a job and school find themselves in search of top essay writing sites to help them with their assignments. Thus, it’s no mistake to say that an online writing company equipped with the best team of experienced writers is the salvation of many.

Even as the individual sites promote an academic product that is meant to be purchased and passed along as one’s own personal work, the same site takes care of Number One (i.e., itself) via the less-publicized legalese one can read by clicking on tiny links at the base of the web page. For example, let’s consider a top-notch, site,

Here’s an excerpt from the opener:

Academic Paper Writing. We Know How to Help

In fact, students face a huge number of written assignment tasks during their schooling careers, and it is common that they will need assistance.

Academic writing of all types requires the ability to conduct research, to collate that research in an organized way, the preparation of some type of graphic organizer, and then the actual composition of rough and final drafts. Organizational skills, along with solid formal composition ability are both required, if students are to produce written works that are worthy of good grades. When students struggle with written assignments, they often turn to academic paper writing services for help.

Company That Offers Solution

When these students come to, they come to a Company that offers comprehensive academic writing services. From the basic high school essay and term paper help, we provide essay writing services that involve virtually every type of assignment a student may encounter – research paper assistance, book, article, essay, and movie reviews, analyses, coursework (written responses, review questions, homework, etc.), and, of course, the more rigorous graduate school tasks of research summaries and projects, case studies, literature reviews, theses and dissertations. Our essay writers come from all academic fields and with Bachelor’s through Ph.D. degrees, so that we are able to provide the premier academic writing that any student may need!  The best testament to our quality, in fact, is that 80% of our Customers are loyal. They utilize our services over and over again.

We know that you have many options when you seek online academic paper writing. We also know that the majority of writing services do not house a large team of qualified and experienced researchers and writers – they usually rely on foreigners or amateurs who are willing to work for almost nothing. The uncompromising standards that we at have set for all of our professional staff members, and our willingness to review and authenticate every piece of writing that leaves our doors, is a part of how we do business on a daily basis. When you use on a regular basis, you will always get exactly what you have ordered and it will always meet the high standards of your instructors/professors.

Does that not read like, “We know you’re buying a paper from us to pass off as your own”?

But then comes the legal covering of the arse:

PRODUCT USE: Customer understands that the orders produced for him/her by writers are not intended to be submitted as his/her own work. The primary purposes for the products produced for any Customer are as follows: research, study of organizational structure and appropriate content, and/or as samples or examples of educationally-sound research and writing.

Uh huh.

Consider also the legal disclaimer from the site,, which follows the same site’s advertisement for dissertation writing:

To get dissertation writing assistance from, you are required to follow four easy-steps:

  1. To hire us, submit a ‘do my dissertation for me’ inquiry by providing all the details in the provided form. This gives you the opportunity to make sure that all the requirements, instructions and guidelines are clear so that our writers do not miss anything.
  2. We will look for the most qualified writer from our database of over 1000 qualified writers to work on your dissertation.
  3. After the writer has finished working on your dissertation, the paper is taken through thorough proofreading and editing to ensure that it is of the highest quality possible, and it meets all your requirements.
  4. The completed dissertation is delivered to you before the deadline elapses so that you can read it and familiarize yourself with it before submitting it to your school.

Here’s the disclaimer:

Neither the company nor any of its affiliates and/or partners shall be liable for any unethical, inappropriate, illegal, or otherwise wrongful use of the products and/or other written material received from our website. This includes plagiarism, lawsuits, poor grading, expulsion, academic probation, loss of scholarships/awards/grants/prizes/titles/positions, failure, suspension, or any other disciplinary or legal actions. The buyers of material from our website are solely responsible for any and all disciplinary actions arising from the improper, unethical, and/or illegal use of material. offers info promoting scores of these paper-writing sites, including pricing and customer reviews. After all, when one is falsely submitting the writing of another as one’s own, one wants quality writing for a good price…. [A note to readers who missed it: The trailing off at the end of this statement indicates sarcasm, not endorsement.]

Check it out, teachers, and stay informed. This is one more element that we’re up against.

academic dishonesty


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  1. …and aside from all the important points you make, the promo writing you quote is pretty bad.
    Some years ago, I was part of a 3-yr study of high school science classrooms, and the students’ use of pre-fab writing was already a headache, on top of policy churn, budget cuts, and all the rest.

  2. Lisa M permalink

    How is this any different than English tests questions being taken right out of Shmoops and Spark Notes. My GT 9th grader(last year) was getting really poor test grades in her GT English class. When I went in for parent/teacher conferences I asked the teacher (she is also a PT college professor) and she told me to have my child use those sites and study the questions at the end of the chapter summaries. My daughter came home after having a test and told me they were the EXACT questions from Shmoops and Spark Notes! Now don’t get me wrong, the teachers in our county don’t make their own tests….they are pulled from the county main frame, but the teachers are going along with this? So much cheating being done by adults that it’s hard for the kids to decipher right and wrong.

  3. ddigregorio2014 permalink

    This is more reason to get rid of Chromebooks, Google Classroom and the rest. Papers are “sanitized” prior to turning in. How refreshing it was last July when my son attended an elementary school in Munich for the month – read: (summer vacation begins in August) where virtually NO tech is around with the exception of one or two videos at most per month. In Bavaria, I think they understand how important learning by hand in the beginning years is. PARCC biggest flaw, in my opinion is that it must be administered (at least in New Jersey) by computer. Enter Chromebooks K-12 in many districts. It is sickening that virtually all superintendents play along. Frankly, I would embrace the Waldorf thinking and require all papers be hand written with hand drawn pictures and diagrams – and then, when tech is introduced later, you will find these individuals to be worlds more creative.
    David Di Gregorio

  4. Christine Langhoff permalink

    One question, for the buyer who would beware: those PhD’s who will write dissertations – wonder who wrote their dissertations?

  5. NewarkTFA permalink

    1. This phenomenon is one reason I try to have at least some of my the essays my students write be handwritten in front of me during class. Just show me what you–not your mom, not the internet, not your friend–can actually do right now, by yourself, at this moment.
    2. Are the people who have grabmyessay write their dissertations for them going to go on to have a website write papers that they will then submit to scholarly journals?

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