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The Dramatis Personae in the Privatization of Public Schools in North Carolina – or Who is Trying to “Reform” Education Through Deformation

February 14, 2018

If one has any doubts that market-driven reform intends to take over NC, then read this post; study the included diagrams, and realize that a hallmark of public education destruction is the calculated, systematic, well-financed removal (destruction?) of those with actual classroom experience from the classroom, all under the clever guise of “for the kids.” What fantastic exploitation– and the last thing these charlatans want is to be exposed in the manner that they are in the attached blog post by caffeinatedrage.

Be sure to click the link at the end of the excerpt to read the entire post.

spider and fly


caffeinated rage

Michelle Rhee’s visit to North Carolina for a “closed-door” meeting (February 7th)) with lawmakers in the current climate of public education in this country and in the state should not sit well with public school advocates.

In fact, this meeting that was brokered by an educational lobbying body of business leaders called BEST NC (coupled with the NC GOP’s invitation to Betsy DeVos) should serve as an ominous omen of what will be attempted in North Carolina.

This meeting with Rhee was passed off as a session with leaders where candid questions could be asked and ideas exchanged on how to improve public education seemed to be void of the very people who know education the best – educators.

And while the media did have a chance to meet and greet with Ms. Rhee and George Parker in a manicured and measured way, what happened behind closed doors…

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