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Teach for America: Losing Money Since 2013

July 4, 2018

Teach for America (TFA), the pro-market-reform, nonprofit known for promoting two-year temp teachers into ed leadership careers, has been consistently spending more money than it generates each fiscal year since 2013.

Pro Publica provides TFA’s tax forms (2001 – 2017) here.

TFA’s Revenue Less Expenses by Fiscal Year:

  • FY2000: $12.2M
  • FY2001: $1.4M
  • FY2002: $10.8M
  • FY2003: -$1.3M
  • FY2004: $13.8M
  • FY2005: $46.6M
  • FY2006: $7.5M
  • FY2007: $36.4M
  • FY2008: $114.4M
  • FY2009: $36.6M
  • FY2010: $51.8M
  • FY2011: $55.8M
  • FY2012: $7.1M
  • FY2013: -$26.3M
  • FY2014: -$75.1M
  • FY2015: -$25M
  • FY2016: -$14.3M

In March 2016– one month after TFA celebrated its 25th anniversary— it cut its staff for the second time in a year. (In the first cut, TFA dropped 200 staffers, and in the second, it dropped 250 but added 100, for a net loss of 150 staff.)

TFA shapes its layoffs as part of “set[ting] out in a new strategic direction.”

Four consecutive years in the red begs a new strategy.

broken piggy bank


Want to read about the history of charter schools and vouchers?

School Choice: The End of Public Education? 

school choice cover  (Click image to enlarge)

Schneider is a southern Louisiana native, career teacher, trained researcher, and author of two other books: A Chronicle of Echoes: Who’s Who In the Implosion of American Public Education and Common Core Dilemma: Who Owns Our Schools?. You should buy these books. They’re great. No, really.

both books

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  1. Laura H. Chapman permalink

    Nice work. So at the height of the great meltdown it had a banner year. Wonder why. The emerging strategies appear to be international expansions and within the US, redefining poverty upward in order to expand into suburbs. Part of that is Identifying so-called charter school deserts–census tracks where “parents fo not have enough choices.” They have a interactive map for the deserts and large ovals to identify prospects for new charters. Add some more real-estate developments with one or several charter schools as part of the marketing plan.

    • “…and within the US, redefining poverty upward in order to expand into suburbs.” Exactly describing how school “reform” opportunism works: suck up whatever money exists, then strategically redefine goals and perimeters to allow moving into new territory.

  2. Abigail Shure permalink

    This is the best news I have
    seen in ages.

  3. Still has $300 Million in bank, no?

    Sent from my iPad


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