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Chalkbeat Tennessee Publishes TFA/Charter Propaganda Interview

June 27, 2019

From TFA-alum-turned-career-teacher, Gary Rubinstein: “This is an article about a heroic first year TFA teacher at a charter school who is countering the failing nearby public school that does nothing but show movies. This entire narrative is based on a kid saying that his old school was more fun because they showed more movies. And considering this is a first year teacher who has no results yet to suggest how effective she actually is and it is a first year charter school which also has no results yet, I think this was incredibly irresponsible of Chalkbeat to feature this teacher in this series. It is an example of public school bashing combined with TFA and charter school propaganda.”

Gary Rubinstein's Blog

Among the education news outlets funded by Gates and others who try to push the slowly dying education reform agenda Chalkbeat is one of the better ones.  Unlike The74 or Education Post, Chalkbeat does often try to be balanced and they have Matt Barnum on staff who is one of the smartest education writers out there.

So I was annoyed when I saw this interview recently published called “This teacher had a student tell her she wasn’t ‘fun.’ Here’s what that taught her about inequity.”

If you are up for it, you should read the entire interview yourself — it speaks for itself.  But I’ll summarize it here with analysis.

The basic premise is that Angelique Hines a first year TFA teacher placed in a brand new charter school in Tennessee is featured in a series of interviews by Chalkbeat called “How I Teach.”  The premise of the interview series…

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