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It’s My Birthday! Please Send Me to NPE!

August 3, 2019

Hello, all! Today is my 52nd birthday, and I am asking readers to help fund my trip to the Network for Public Education (NPE) conference in Philadelphia, PA (March 28 and 29, 2020).

Even though the conference officially begins on Saturday, March 28, 2020, I will be one of a few authors slated to present on new books on Friday evening, March 27.

This summer, I wrote my fourth book (as in, I just finished the manuscript on July 5, 2019), which is a practical guide on how I conduct my research. The thought for this book came as I was planning my part in a research presentation with colleagues Andrea Gabor and Darcie Cimarusti for the last NPE conference in Indianapolis.

When Darcie asked about the content I planned to use in our presentation, my first thought was, “It would take a book.”

And so, now there is a manuscript, which is on its way to becoming a book. (I am working with a publisher to have the book ready for the March 2020 NPE conference. More details to come.)

As to the fiscal logistics of my presence at the conference:

  • NPE will help partially fund my attendance (one night at the hotel and a $30-reduced rate for conference fee).
  • In this birthday fundraiser, I am asking for assistance with airfare and airport parking, which will come to approximately $600 (including GoFundMe fees). UPDATE 08/03/19: This fundraising goal has been met! Thank you so much for supporting my NPE travels!
  • Assistance with airfare and airport parking will leave me paying for one night in the hotel (approx. $200) and the remaining $130 for the conference fee.

I thank you for considering this request. Most of my research and writing is available to the public for free on my blog, which I am happy to offer. If you have found my work helpful and are both willing and able to support me in this fundraiser, I sincerely appreciate it.

Click here to view my GoFundMe campaign.

birthday single candle


  1. John permalink

    Hey, you ‘whippersnapper’ (I’m 76).

    Sorry I can’t contribute, but I REALLY do appreciate your stuff.  I learned to love teaching as a “teaching assistant” in graduate school (Physics), but didn’t come to the conclusion that I could have the most impact teaching younger students until a few years later.  Started my ‘real’ career in earnest in my thirties.  Now retired. Keep up the excellent work!

    • John, no problem about not contributing $$. Not everyone is able. I appreciate the encouraging words. 🙂

  2. Bernard Gifford permalink

    I love your work, and am truly pleased to help send you to Philadelphia.


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