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College Board Cancels Seattle SAT for Second Time in Two Weeks

September 7, 2019

The College Board is a bumbling operation.

According to the College Board’s “SAT Test Closings” web page, the August 24, 2019, SAT administration was canceled at Franklin High School in Seattle and was supposed to be “made up” on Saturday, September 07, 2019.

On the same page, the College Board states, “Test center closings for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests are listed below a few days before each test date.”


However, I am writing this post on the night of September 07, 2019, and there was no SAT administered in Seattle today and no update to the SAT test closing web page. Instead, test takers were met with a sign on the test center door stating the test had been canceled, as Seattle principal Gerrit Kischner posted on Twitter:

There you have it, Seattle students:

*Please contact College Board,* the organization that failed to follow its own policy about telling you of this second cancellation of a high-stakes test that students and parents have every right to expect College Board to deliver.

Meanwhile, according to the College Board’s 2017 tax return, the College Board’s 2017 program service revenue was just over $1B.

CEO David Coleman’s total compensation topped $1.5M.

COO Jeremy Singer’s total compensation was $1M.

Sixteen other College Board execs/officers/highest paid employees made between $300 and $500K in total compensation.

I wonder how these well-fed test sellers would react if their expectation of future paychecks were met with a hastily-constructed sign taped to their office door.


Of course, such a scenario is highly unlikely to happen because, well, money.

counting cash


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  1. speduktr permalink

    Back in it’s heyday, I don’t remember hearing about SAT bungling. Is it the “new” management, who have no idea what they are doing beyond raking in ridiculous salaries, or was the College Board always so poorly run?

  2. Erica Erignac permalink

    I am one of the parents of the students that were affected by this. On Monday after the test was cancelled for the second time, I spent an very frustrating hour on the phone with the college board’s “customer service.” After explaining the situation numerous times (he seemed to have no more information than the incorrect information that was on the website), I was given a reference number for my complaint and told that I would get a response in 5-7 business days. No word yet…

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