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“Purple Lit Book”: A Poem

February 17, 2020

In a recent creative writing assignment connected to our study of the Romantic period in British literature, I asked my senior English students to compose a poem about an item, object, experience, or person associated with the everyday.

Below is one student’s response, which I offer to my readers for their enjoyment.

Without further ado, and with student permission, I give you “Purple Lit Book,” by Nikolas.


Purple Lit Book


Oh when I turn the page

how the words change and

they inform me of different people daily.

From Sam Pepys and William Blake

to how King George is crazy.

The Age of Johnson and Neoclassics,

The Church of England and Anglo-Saxons,

they have all been so fun.

Staying awake has been a battle,

but not so much during Gulliver’s Travels.

There’s nothing like Ireland and

how they thought the British were crooks.

For I have Jesus and The Bible

and Dr. Schneider and the purple lit book.

purple lit book


Book four coming in March 2020!

From Garn Press:

“A Practical Guide to Digital Research: Getting the Facts and Rejecting the Lies”

An easy-to-read, easy-to-digest, concise tutorial for equipping both novice and more experienced researchers in navigating numerous research sources. More


  1. ranglin2 permalink

    Well done teacher and student.  Baton passed and received.  Encouraged by this. Polly Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  2. Betty Peters permalink

    That’s a keeper. I did not like poetry either until I had British lit in 12th grade taught by the finest teacher anywhere, Nell Brown. By the end of the year, I had learned to write essays and read poetry for pleasure. You must be a modern-day “Mrs. Brown.”

  3. Laura H.Chapman permalink

    Wonderful. And congratulations on The Practical Guide. …

  4. Christine Langhoff permalink

    Book four! Amazing!
    (Such lucky kids to have you, too!)

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