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Psychological Pivot

August 2, 2021

In my Louisiana district, teachers return to school tomorrow (08/03) to begin the 2021-22 school year, and students return Friday (08/06).

Today, our governor reinstituted a mask order. (“Do you give a damn?”)

I had so hoped for a normal beginning of our school year.

I bought new lipstick to complement the heels and stylish, professional dress that I missed last year due to my choosing to dress down given the constant cleaning I had to effect for every new set of students.

Now we’re back in masks. Why?

The short answer is that you can lead the vaccine-resistant to Walgreens, but you can’t make ’em choose the shot.

So incredibly frustrating.

Wearing a mask is one thing. Returning to wearing a mask because It’s America and I Have Rights to Enable Delta to Run Rampant is ((censored)).

The blindside brought me the closest that I have been thus far to losing heart about trying to teach in this pandemic.

However, I aired my grievances aloud to my Maker, and not long after, I realized that I had succeeded in the necessary psychological pivot.

The day before I must begin, I will not lose heart.

A relief.


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  1. Michele Anderson permalink

    You might want to take a look at information coming out of Israel on the waning effectiveness of the shots.

  2. permalink

    I wish you a safe and productive start.


  3. Jake Drennan permalink

    Have you heard of Capturing Kids Hearts? Do you know of any research 

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  4. annat permalink

    If I have to get a booster every year like the flu shot, I’m fine with it! I’m not fine with having to wear masks again at school and everywhere else because some brainwashed morons won’t get the vaccine. My sister gave all the vaccines to her kids when they were growing up, but she doesn’t “trust” this one. Ridiculous!!

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