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La BESE Abruptly Adjourns Due to Unruly Public Response to Masking

August 18, 2021

On August 18, 2021, the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) was supposed to consider whether it had the final say on masking requirements in Louisiana’s school and not the governor.

On August 02, 2021, Louisiana governor, Jon Bel Edwards, reinstated a statewide mask order indoors effective August 04, 2021, for all individuals aged five and older, with some exceptions (i.e., no mask when eating).

A number of individuals attending the meeting refused to abide by the governor’s mandate. BESE member Holly Boffy made the motion “Due to the fact that the audience has ignored the request to wear masks, I move that we adjourn the meeting.”

Amid yelling from the audience, Boffy’s motion was seconded.

Then, BESE member Ronnie Morris tried to reason with the audience: “As board members, we’re required to follow the protocol. We’re asking you guys to help us out,” adding, “personally, I’d like to hear from everybody here. The rest of the Board does, too. We’ve got to follow protocol. We ask you to consider that.”

Once the motion was seconded, the vote needed to happen. However, as BESE proceeded with the vote to adjourn, several individuals began talking and yelling at the BESE members, with one especially loud voice yelling, “We’ll wear the mask.”

Members of the audience continued to try to talk at BESE members straight from the audience. Another board member (Sandy Holloway ?) tried to reason with the audience, as did (it seems– hard for me to tell from the video) Superintendent Cade Brumley.

The audience continued to talk at BESE members and argue among themselves, and that was their undoing. BESE did indeed vote 8 – 2 to adjourn. (See the last five minutes of the BESE meeting video, starting at 2:14:00.)

As the August 18, 2021, Advocate reports, one BESE member said that the medical experts refused to testify in a room filled with maskless people. That reluctance ought to send a message to the unmasked, but if Louisiana’s rising COVID deaths and scarce ICU beds do not, then I am at a loss tho think what would.

The next BESE meeting is scheduled for October 2021. If those in attendance cannot manage themselves appropriately as audience members to a formal, public meeting, we might just have *deja vu all over again.*


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  1. fullerhunt permalink

    You have got to be kidding! Cloth masks do not protect anyone from a virus RCT after RCT says that, common sense (masks are as effective as a chain link fence is at keeping out a mosquito) tells us that, and the FACTS of last year prove that. Masks are about controlling the populace NOT health. Lockdowns, masks, and the refusal to allow us to use proven, cheap therapeutics likeIvermectin are the worst things we did. Not to mention using the ‘leaky ‘vaccines’ which do not stop infections and allow the virus to mutate more quickly.
    What we do know that works, aside from the cheap, effective therapeutics is Vitamin D3 suspended in olive or fish oil and SUNLIGHT, Zinc, losing weight, lowering insulin, etc., yet we do not hear about these low cost, life-saving protocols.
    You, and your low-information stances, are a huge part of the problem. Stop listening to MSM, Big Tech, the Government, and look to unbiased reporting and medical experts who have dared to come out and risk everything to get us the truth. Or YOU could READ the RCTs yourself!

  2. You know what doesn’t work? Yelling from the audience at the BESE members. Save your shame for them.

  3. Christine Langhoff permalink

    Good grief, Mercedes! I am so sorry so many seem to have lost their minds.

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