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La. Student Assaults Teacher; Others Film, Post to Social Media. All Are Arrested.

October 10, 2021

On Wednesday, October 07, 2021, a Louisiana high school student repeatedly punched a disabled teacher as two other students were involved in filming and/or later publicizing the event.

That same day, October 07, 2021, 18-year-old Larrianna Jackson was arrested and charged with the felony of battery of a school teacher.

Larrianna Jackson Inmate Info

The video her accomplices filmed provided the evidence, not only for Jackson’s arrest, but for theirs, as well. On October 08, 2021, 18-year-old Trinity Gervais and a minor-aged student were also arrested, as KACT reports, “for allegedly filming a student attacking a teacher.”

But the enticement to publicize the filming of crimical activity assisted the police quite handily. All who are tempted to break the law for those few moments of social media fame should remember that their foolishness entails posting evidence against themselves.

According to WWLTV, “Both students were charged with unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety and publicity, a misdemeanor.”

Apparently those who filmed the event thought it might be enough to post some sort of disclaimer on the video. The Covington Police Department released the video, which appears to be taken from the phone of one of the participants.

From the video, it appears that the incident took place at the end of class when most students were near the door, apparently waiting for the bell to ring. The video itself is askew, which bespeaks attemps to video without being detected.

The student operating the phone’s video capabilities apparently knew something was about to happen, otherwise, why video the situation? Instead of intervening– instead of being shocked into action, knowing a disabled teacher was about to be assaulted– this student videoed, added a disclaimer to clear self (“not my english teacher”) and posted anyway on social media. This WBRZ article once had the posted video but now has only a message that Facebook removed the media.

According to this October 06, 2021, Insider article, there is some question as to whether a purported “slap a teacher” challenge began “as a rumor on Facebook.”

On social media, a rumor is often more than enough for some who seek social media fame.

These students chose their mark– a disabled teacher– and maliciously, callously, and intentionally participated in her injury. I argue that this incident is enabled by the easy videoing capabilities of hand-held devices coupled with the split-second ease of worldwide (!) dissemination via social media platforms.

These students chose to wilfully harm a disabled colleague.

I am disgusted.

But I’ll tell you what: I was eating lunch while watching the news on Saturday, October 09, 2021, when I first learned that the students participating in the filming of the incident had also been arrested. And I felt glad to know that those arrests had happened and that that part of the story was what was now being publicized.

Students, if you choose to participate in criminal activity in order to look cool on social media, including if you agree to participate in criminal activity by filming the event to enable publication, you are contributing to your own undoing as you share with the world the very evidence against youself and your accomplices. A disclaimer that only betrays your willingness to take part in harming another even as you try to excuse yourself will not help you.

More than that, students, I hope that being challenged to participate in any capacity in harming another human being to gain notoriety is a not only line that you most certainly would not cross but also that you would choose to protect those threatened by alerting authorities.

Let your fame come from building a reputation for doing what is decent and benevolent.


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  1. Agree with your disgust at this behavior. However, this is far from a misdemeanor. The girl who assaulted the teacher is over 18. She is an adult who commited assault and battery which is a FELONY and she should be charged as such, which would result in prison time.

    • Ellen, the attacker is charged with a felony. The filmer and poster are charged with misdemeanors.

      • Thanks for claritying, Mercedes. Please let us know if and when they are convicted and if any of them got jail time, and not just a slap on the wrist. Glad you used this as a teachable moment for your students…this tech is way out of hand and we do require laws to prevent this from continuing. Hopefully the current FB brouhaha will result in new law covering so much destructive use of tech.

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