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Impregnators and Secret Keepers

June 26, 2022

Heads up: It’s political!


It does take two, you know.

All of the legal consequence is aimed at one, while the other is off scott free. That ought not to be, and frankly, as a woman, I resent any Court ruling that places me in a second-class citizenry position.

Surely state houses holding women responsible would also have something ready to go to ensure that impregnators are also held responsible from conception onward, but no.

Legislators, had you thought about it?

No woman impregnates herself, so states rushing to “forced carry,” if you will, need to also pass some speedy legislation requiring the sperm donor to fiscally pony up once a pregnancy is confirmed.

As for states unwilling to offer abortions in cases of rape and incest: You do realize that you are leveraging the rights of sexual predators at the expense of the rights of their victims?

Lawmakers, what will you do when situations like a caretaker impregnating a severe-profound, special needs child come to roost in your state or district and your laws force this child to carry a child?

Had you thought about it?

Lawmakers (men and women alike), what will you do when you find out that your own teenaged daughter had an abortion in another state? Will you turn her in to the authorities? Could her sudden pregnancy interfere with your career? Your standing in your community?

If so, would you (or have you) paid for her to go on a quiet trip to take care of the matter in hopes to keep it out of the news?

Had you thought about it?

Better yet: Are you advancing stringent anti-abortion laws even as you have pushed a woman to have an abortion in the past for the sake of your own convenience and selfishness? Are you concerned that this unpublicized story could hit the news?

There sure is a lot to think about when mandating morality.

Do you really want to cast this stone?

For many, it might turn out to be a boomerang.


  1. Jana Heffernan permalink

    I wholeheartedly agree. Just like the adulteress in Jesus’ day, only one party was brought for “justice”.

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