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Gates Dined on March 13, 2014, with 80 Senators

March 17, 2014

Bill Gates has too much power.

The following announcement, dated March 13, 2014, is from Politico:

DINNER WITH GATES – About 80 senators are expected to attend a dinner discussion at the Capitol tonight with Microsoft founder Bill Gates and the NYT’s David Brooks. The 6:45 p.m. dinner, according to an invitation obtained by Huddle, is sponsored by the No Labels Foundation, and one of that group’s honorary co-chairs, Sen. Joe Manchin, will make opening remarks. So what’s the No Labels-Microsoft connection? No Labels co-founder Nancy Jacobson is married to longtime pollster Mark Penn, executive vice president and chief strategy officer at Microsoft, said a source who will be attending the event. [Emphasis added.]

I find Gates’ access to 80 senators very disturbing.

There’s more.

The No Labels Foundation has Andrew Tisch on its legal board (also listed as a co-founder). Andrew Tisch is the brother-in-law of the controversial, test-happy New York Chancellor Merryl Tisch.

No Labels bills former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a mayor “who solves problems.” In reality, Bloomberg was nothing less than the scourge of New York City education.

Bloomberg and Tisch promote punitive education agendas that complement Gates’ “educational purge” viewpoint of the test score as the public education colon cleanse. (Just because Bloomberg is no longer NYC mayor, do not believe that his destructive view on public education cannot cause future damage elsewhere.)

Yet here is how No Labels bills itself:

No Labels is a citizens’ movement of Democrats, Republicans and independents dedicated to a new politics of problem solving. The constituency for this movement existed for years before it had a name -– built by Americans frustrated by watching Washington spend more time on politics than common-sense problem solving. …Today, No Labels is building a voice for Americans, whatever their political ideology, to ensure our leaders in government will work across the aisle to solve problems. We’re rebuilding the infrastructure for cooperation among our leaders. And we know that together, we can move our nation forward once again.

This “unity among political parties” provides a creepy complement to the “bipartisan” push for the privatization of public education– a Bill Gates specialty.

To date, there is no record of Gates’ directly supporting No Labels. However, such does not preclude indirect contributions (i.e., Gates money to other organizations to which No Labels members belong).

Gates money is more deeply rooted than one might think.

On March 17, 2014, the North Denver News revealed that Gates spending on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is not likely mere millions, but billions:

Research by Jack Hassard, Professor Emeritus at Georgia State, shows compelling evidence that Gates has spent $2.3 billion pushing the Common Core. More than 1800 grants to organizations running from  teachers unions to state departments of education to  political groups like the National Governor’s Association have pushed the Common Core into 45 states, with little transparency and next to no public review. [Emphasis added.]

Bill Gates hanging with former President Bill Clinton. Too much power.

Here’s a good question:

Is Gates aiming for the White House? Or is he content to puppet the White House?

Can he buy his way in?

A better question, America: Can we extract Gates from the influence he has already (and obviously) purchased?

Folks, we need to Stop. This. Train.


NOTE: A comment from Sarah Littman:

Mercedes, it wasn’t just senators. My Congressman, Jim Himes (CT-4) was tweeting from this dinner as well.

  1. Reblogged this on Saint Simon Common Core Information and commented:
    More power for Bill Gates? Enough is enough.

  2. Mercedes, it wasn’t just senators. My Congressman, Jim Himes (CT-4) was tweeting from this dinner as well.

  3. VermontTeacher permalink

    Why would Gates run for the White House when he already has the power of an emperor? Mrs. Clinton will certainly be in his hip pocket if she is elected. Remember, she was no friend of public education and teachers in Arkansas, back when she served on the Board of Directors of Wal-Mart. How do we stay out of despair?

    • Oh, and she’s running alright. As a political writer, I got this email today from the new Hillary Clinton Super Pac: HillaryPAC:

      We write to introduce you to HillaryPAC, a Super PAC with two goals: to get Hillary Clinton to run for and become President of the United States in 2016; and to bring moderation to Congress.

      We believe Hillary’s unparalleled experience as a fearless First Lady, respected Senator and tireless Secretary of State make her far and away the best candidate to become President of the United States in 2016. Her policies and vision for this country will lead us to growth and prosperity.

      To build on the gains we have achieved on progressive issues Hillary will need a moderate Congress. It is imperative to replace members of Congress who obstruct our government and create manufactured crises like government shutdowns and threaten to destroy the United States’ credit rating through default catastrophes – attempts which even Republican leaders now admit were political and economic disasters. Our goal is to help deliver to President Clinton a Congress that believes in constructive solutions.

      HillaryPAC will not be your typical Super PAC. We intend on engaging Americans in a dialogue and growing with their suggestions and donations using creative and artful ways to inform. This YouTube link is our way of introducing ourselves to the nation:

      We will be officially launching tomorrow, Tuesday, March 18th.

      “To build on the gains we have achieved on progressive issues Hillary will need a moderate Congress. ” Well that’s an…interesting….sentence, which given the Clinton history, could be read in any number of ways.

      • Hillary won’t have a Moderate Congress, she will have a Tea Party Congress,besides that,She had better admit she caused 4 lives at Benghazi to be Lost

  4. Well, Arne Duncan says he has no place at the policy table. Do not believe your lyin’ eyes.

  5. Michael permalink

    Whatever you want to call it, its here.

    First, they don’t care what you and I say. Its moot. Words have no bearing on what they do. They already control what the MSM says and have already struck fear into enough people that the “wrong” things aren’t spoken by the masses.

    They make war at will. They print money at will. A few corporations control the banks, medicine, media and food. They also operate with no oversight, poisoning people, the economy and the environment–at will. You and me, are simply a means to make money off. Warm bodies to to simply run products through–trinkets for our amusement, processed and factory-farmed/frankenfoods to keep us alive, and media to see that we are kept both violent and fearful. We are not human to them in any moral sense. We are human petri dishes for them for exploitation.

    Our political process offers no control over them, no choice of an alternative. If someone makes it through, they are rendered ineffective–or in some cases, disposed of. No one represents the majority. Worse, they operate on a global scale, directing their operations electronically–from the highest ground possible:space. They operate with deadly force and ambivalence towards the people afflicted by their greed of money and insane lust for power.

    If its not fascism, or a new strain of it, exactly what is it, then? We probably need a new description/term at this point, anyway.

    And we’re out of time–completely.

  6. Gerri permalink

    with my endless investigating for at least a month now i think, these 6 things appeared linked in some way, and i agree it is disturbing that Gates has access to 80 Senators. with so many involved it is difficult to pinpoint whom is acting worse in their positions, as to the damages, within the social realm of the general population, occurring from their accumulated actions. so here is the list, tho i am not quite sure what it means yet that my mind sees fit to link these 6 things so far:
    1) Gates on Geo-chem trails, ;
    2) $74 million Bill Gates investment in Common Core, ;
    3) Gates on death panels, ;
    4) Gates on minimum wage, ;
    5) Gates on gun control, ;
    6) “From 1929 to the year Stalin died, tens of millions of Soviet dissidents or anyone the country’s leadership believed were a threat, were rounded up and either murdered or placed in labor camp/prisons and forced to work, sometimes to their deaths. Early in Stalin’s political career, he launched two national collectivization campaigns in order to transform the country into an industrial power…In 1932-33, Stalin engineered a famine… ”

    (Contrast Common Core, ObamaCare, Start of Gun Confiscation, and Everything Else People are Saying ‘Wake Up’ to.)

    Learn more:

  7. ColoMom permalink

    Any chance we can get a list of the 80 senators who attended?

  8. Dr. Rich Swier permalink

    Great. Posted:


  9. Michael permalink

    The takeaway from such an event is simply that the “owners”, like Gates, have control of the reins and the politicians are doing their bidding. This is nothing new, you might even consider this an American tradition.

    Another point here is that those who think supporting Democrats is a worthwhile political act, in order to defend against the depredations of the more bellicose Republicans, are deluding themselves. The Democrats are the more effective evil as we are seeing with the Obama administration. The likes of Reagan and Bush would only be able to be green with envy at the shrewd manipulations of Obama as his administration makes inroads into public education, for the express purposes of big business unlike anything we’ve seen before,

    More importantly it’s essential to understand the system as an integrated whole with education policy, circa 2014, as a perfect illustration of how big business runs the show. Playing D’s and R’s is all Kabuki. None of these people have our interests in mind.

    The current situation surrounding CC and RttT must be seen in the context of the privatization of everything. Resources are dwindling (being stolen) for municipalities in all areas and those funds are being shifted to private interests. The politicians at all levels- Team Donkey and the Elephants- are merely overseeing and rubber stamping the policies that sanction this theft.

    Public education, like all else, is being replaced with a market-based, non-unionized privately managed system. Common Core is merely the latest marketing concept used to manage public opinion and sell the idea that schools need radical restructuring that can only be done by corporate ideology- and investment. It has the convenient (and purposeful) benefit for those who have initiated it of ignoring the unsightly fact that the very same interests and methodologies that are being proposed to “fix” our “broken” schools are the same ones that have been and are destroying our schools at breakneck speed. And all of this is by design.

    CC has never been an educational process it is a political process driven by business interests.

  10. Andrea Lancer permalink

    Would anyone listen to anything Bill Gates has to say about anything except computer programming if he didn’t have billions? This is like “Revenge of the Nerd” for all the social rejection he has suffered. Which reminds me — the way to fight the powerful is with ridicule.

  11. Michael makes a strong point about how funds from Gates and the RttT are used to leverage privatization. I’ve also examined the RttT budget of the Georgia grant, and millions are going to private firms working in the public sector. This is not new. But, for instance, Teach for America and the New Teacher Project are receiving $16 million and $12 million respectively to place neophyte teachers in the metro-Atlanta schools. This money will actually be used to recruit teachers who will be placed in Charter schools that are part of the “Turn around the lowest achieving schools” part of RttT projects. This is not just happening in Georgia. If you look at the budgets in the other states that received RttT grants, you’ll find the same scenario.
    Thank you Mercedes for staying with this story, and reporting on it. The $2.3 billion estimate I made on what Gates is spending on common core and college ready projects was a big surprise. But to check my work, I intend to go in to the Gates database, and prepare a spread sheet on all 1817 projects. It will take a while, and when its completed I’ll post it on my blog at Best regards, jack

    • Good deal, Jack. I know that Gates has spent more money on Common Core than on projects designated clearly with the term “common core.”

  12. I feel Bill Gates knows he can do more “fixing” from outside of political office. Just like the Koch brothers and other trillionaires.

  13. This is like the singers who want to tell me how to vote except worse. Gates can buy his way into any profession.

  14. concerned educator permalink

    Mark Penn said to be a major part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Scary.
    Is there a list of the Senators that attended?

  15. Harlan Underhill permalink

    I suppose Bill would run as a Democrat, right?

  16. Harlan Underhill permalink

    Maybe Hillary will make Gates Secretary of Education if (when) she is elected. Go tea party or go downhill(ary).

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