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Weingarten Tries to Steer New York Voters Toward Cuomo

November 2, 2014

We are nearing the Eleventh Hour for our November 4th elections, and I wondered if Weingarten would pull another backdoor, pro-Cuomo robocall.

I’m still watching for it.

After all, it is only November 1st.

What Weingarten is doing is excusing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s October 29, 2014, statement about New York’s public schools as being a “public monopoly” that he plans to “break.”


And she is being careful not to mention Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins as a viable option. In an October 31, 2014, Capital New York article, Weingarten readily excuses Cuomo’s “monopoly” comment as “campaign rhetoric” and tries to position Republican Rob Astorino as the only other voter option. She tells readers not to vote for Astorino because his “record is not pro-public employee.”

So, is this supposed to mean that Cuomo is “pro-public employee”? He publicly declared that he plans to “break” public schools, which he calls a “monopoly.”

Are not “public employees” working at those traditional public schools that Cuomo plans to “break”?

Has he not already promised to promote charters at a March 2014 rally that New York charter vixen Eva Moskowitz helped organize?

And Cuomo is racking up campaign bucks from New York’s fiscally-able charter sector. As Chalkbeat reports on October 17, 2014:

Backers of a top charter school network that Mayor Bill de Blasio has singled out in his plans to curb charter school growth are filling Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s campaign chest.

Cuomo’s reelection bid has so far received  nearly $400,000 from a cadre of wealthy supporters of Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy Charter School network, according to an updated tally of newly-released campaign filings. Some money has even come from Moskowitz’s political action committee, Great Public Schools, which has given $65,000 to Cuomo since 2011. …

By one tally of the 2014 filings, Cuomo racked up at least $800,000 in donations from 27 bankers, real estate executives, business executives, philanthropists and advocacy groups who have flocked to charter schools and other education causes in recent years. 

Come now. Cuomo’s stating that he plans to “break” the traditional public school “monopoly” is more than just the offhand comment Weingarten is trying to make it out to be.

And still, Weingarten would have the traditional public school teachers whom she supposedly represents vote for him.

Her “he doesn’t really mean it” response is similar to one she used when endorsing Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy in June 2014. In 2012, Malloy made the comment that all a teacher must do for tenure is “show up for four years.”

Here is her weak excuse for Malloy, as noted in the New Haven Independent:

“There are a lot of people who say things they shouldn’t say,” Weingarten said. She said she has discussed the remark with Malloy and he sounded “very regretful.” And she said Malloy didn’t end up eliminating tenure—he found a way to make it easier to fire tenured teachers based on poor evaluations, but he didn’t get rid of their right to due process, she argued. [Emphasis added.]

Weingarten excuses Malloy’s teacher firings because, well, at least he lets those “easily fired” teachers have due process.


Malloy is anti-traditional public school teacher, as is Cuomo.

It doesn’t matter; no matter their behavior, Weingarten will excuse them and she will support them because they are Democrats.

But don’t think Weingarten is not serious. No, no.

After all, she did give the pro-charter, anti-traditional-public-education Cuomo a stern “talking-to,” which I am certain will beat out all of those charter-friendly millions in his campaign chest. As noted in Capital New York:

Weingarten said she wrote Cuomo a private letter expressing her disappointment over his comments.

“I decided I would actually write him a letter explaining why public education isn’t a monopoly but a public good, a moral imperative and a constitutional mandate in New York,” she said. “I really decided to spell that out, not in the high-pitched moment of the last few days of a gubernatorial election, but privately, in a letter. Because the values of public education are so important that we really have to have a real conversation about it.”

Forget “conversing” with Cuomo, RW. No matter what he does, you have and will endorse him, and you and I both know it.

And about that “conversing”:

There remains that glaring avoidance of mentioning Howie Hawkins as a Cuomo opponent.

New York, don’t be fooled by Weingarten’s not-so-subtle Cuomo endorsement.

You do have a choice.

Here is Howie Hawkins’ platform.

Here is Rob Astorino’s platform.


As for Andrew Cuomo, you know that you’re getting if he is re-elected:

Kicked to the curb.


Schneider is also author of the ed reform whistleblower, A Chronicle of Echoes: Who’s Who In the Implosion of American Public Education

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  1. Randi Weingarten is angling for a position in a Hillary Clinton administration even if it means selling out the rank and file of the AFT. She should be asked, “Which Side Are You On?”

    • rastamick permalink

      she’s on Randi’s side same as she always is

  2. David permalink

    Hey, I’m looking for Election recommendations. Can you provide a link or source?

    • David permalink


    • David, I have no link, but the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Assn website might.

      A vote for either Hawkins or Astorino will hurt Cuomo, and that is the ticket I think many New Yorkers are choosing: The Not Cuomo ticket.

      • David permalink

        Sorry, Louisiana election Tuesday. Amendments etc. I was trying to find the email from AFT.

  3. ira shor permalink

    Absolutely right. Weingarten is an agent of and for the corporate Democratic Party leadership, no matter how much that Party leadership sabotages public education or hurts her own labor identification. She is a careerist interested in protecting her seat at the table of the powerful, and will campaign vigorously for the next Wall Street candidate of the Dem leadership, Hilary Clinton, from whom she hopes to receive her next big career move. Teachers and students have been undermined by the renegade leadership of both teacher unions, when those leaders should have been organizing their huge rank-and-file to resist the private war on public education. Only the progressive outliers of the teacher unions have acted like labor leaders on the job for their membership and for the public sector–Karen Lewis, Barbara Madeloni, Bob Peterson, and the activists in Seattle, Portland, and New York.

    • john a permalink

      Ira, you and Mercedes, as well as other posters, put the lie to Weingarten’s positions. She plays Democratic Party and AFT politics to the hilt, with no regard for her constituents best interests; she is steering them into the proverbial iceberg.. This not a new observation.She will continue to play her two-faced games only so long as she remains the ‘face’ of the AFT. Can any public school teacher continue to support her? Unfortunately, there is no reason to believe that she will receive ‘the boot and perhaps, she will slither into a position in a Clinton administration. Your last sentence, “Only the progressive outliers…”paints a realist picture of the objective conditions faced by public school educators.The apparent strategy for insurgent rank and file union members is to cultivate their local gartens and work to bring down Weingarten.

  4. On Twitter, what the Tweet says is as important as a headline in a newspaper. I think this Tweet might grab more eyes.

    Weingarten Urges teachers to vote for candidates who will fire them
    She’s President of AFT
    A national teachers’ union

    • john a permalink

      Thnx for tweet, Lloyd. the tweet is ardently pro rank and file, which is so sorely needed; and once more presents the case against Randi Weingarten: her crass, self serving political maneuvering and selling out the AFT membership sickens me. We shall see the results tomorrow.

  5. dolphin permalink

    Reblogged this on Dolphin.

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