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Hey, Kids: If You Tweet About Your PARCC Testing Experience, Pearson Will Call You Out

March 13, 2015

The question of whether Louisiana students are taking a legitimate PARCC test might be answered by the outcome of Louisiana students discussing their PARCC testing experience on social media.

The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) has no contract with official PARCC vendor, Pearson. Louisiana’s “PARCC” tests are supposedly the result of an undisclosed arrangement between another testing company, Data Recognition Corp (DRC) and Pearson.

The public is not allowed to know the details surrounding the shaky third-party-acquisition of Louisiana’s “PARCC” tests.

However, Pearson apparently trolls social media to protect its product. Pearson even declares as much in its social media monitoring policy— one that likely proves as effective as herding cats but nonetheless is an arguable attempt to feed a cheaper bottom line by requiring the writing of fewer test items.

In its social monitoring policy, Pearson maintains that it is merely protecting its “brand.” As such, Pearson has been monitoring social media in New Jersey to see if students in PARCC testing states have been chatting about their testing experiences.

Pearson officials have even had the gall to contact the New Jersey department of education three times and push for corrective action for the students’ actions on social media.

Read about the full story on Bob Braun’s Ledger.

NOTE: I read that Braun’s blog account had been (temporarily?) suspended. For a full copy of his post in Word doc form, click here:

Bob Braun’s Ledger 03-13-15

Now, the question for Louisiana students is whether Pearson will look even more foolish trying to “monitor its brand” for Louisiana “PARCC” when LDOE has no official, direct connection to said “brand.”

What could Pearson do? Call for a breach of a supposedly nonexistent, LDOE-Pearson contract?

Perhaps Pearson should put Louisiana students and teachers in their Briar-patch place by making public any heretofore secret arrangements that Pearson has with either DRC or LDOE for “their brand.”

I’ll go so far as to call my challenge “Schneider’s Counter-policy to Pearson Social Media Monitoring in Louisiana.”

However, I won’t be trolling Pearson on social media to see if they comply.

social media spying


Schneider is a southern Louisiana native, career teacher, trained researcher, and author of the ed reform whistle blower, A Chronicle of Echoes: Who’s Who In the Implosion of American Public Education.

  1. School districts need to refuse to engage with Pearson regarding this. Kids are not legally bound to silence after completing a test. If Pearson wants to hire a bunch of thugs and show up at student homes, let them. This is a violation of free speech and any consequences for it are completely unenforceable.

    • Kris Pavek permalink

      Kids are also not “legally bound” to silence DURING a test.

  2. booklady permalink

    Tracx, a NYC firm that started working in US ~2012, lists Pearson Publishing on its client case study page and describes social media monitoring. The Tracx blog cites recent $18 million SeriesC funding from Edison Partners.

    • Tracx took the Pearson client page down. Did anyone screen shot it?

    • Tracx took down their Pearson page overnight – no surprise. Hiding the evidence.

    • booklady permalink

      I couldn’t tell if Edison Partners has any connection to Edison Learning/Edison Schools/Chris Whittle. Just coincidence that both use Edison in title?

  3. And if you write about it they might shut down your blog, as they did to Bob Braun’s Ledger. How far do their tentacles reach? and into who’s pockets to get this kind of thing done?

  4. Laura chapman permalink

    Corporate bullies win…at least in the short run. I hope Pearson goes down like Enron. The practice is probably called a risk mangement expense in the corporate report.

  5. ConniServAtive permalink

    this is so wrong. How about the students rights…don’t they have a right to cheat on a test??!!!!! cell phone use and social media are the number one way kids cheat on tests these days. If Pearson starts monitoring that then it will make it that much harder for the kids to cheat. Outrageous! We need to do everything we can to protect that right.

  6. Ben Foley permalink

    Tracx offers a unified, enterprise-scale, social media management platform. We help brands and organizations from around the world listen and learn about issues related to their products and services so that they can provide a better customer experience and reach new audiences. To learn more about Tracx visit #customerexperience #betterservice #bettersupport #betterproducts​ #engagingnewaudiences

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