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College Board Recycles Oct 2017 SAT in Asia as August 2018 SAT in USA– After Releasing Both Test and Answers in Asia

August 28, 2018

The College Board apparently chose to use its October 2017 SAT test from Asia as the August 2018 SAT test in the USA– after releasing the test and answers in Asia following the October 2017 administration of the test.

So, the question of the test being leaked appears technically incorrect.

What appears to have happened is that someone from the inside of the College Board leaked the news that the August 2018 SAT was actually the October 2017 version used in Asia, and since the test and answers had already been made public in Asia, it was not difficult for some individuals to leverage such news to their advantage.

I was even able to locate a portion of the reading test online. (Click here to view.)

In the Twitter exchange below, an Asian test taker refers to the situation, not as a “leak,” but as “hindsight bias.” (Note that there are more replies than I posted; click any of the Twitter images to read them all.)

This mess might well result in invalidation of the August 2018 SAT.  Some test takers are seeking invalidation; others are dreading the idea.

One issue is clear:  The principal culprit in this chaos is the College Board.


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  1. There is an easy way to prevent this sort of nonsense from happening. Don’t be bamboozled by College Board’s BS. Don’t take the test.

  2. Anybody still believe the College Board cares more about students than their bottom line?

  3. I thought it was Asia Test Prep companies, not the College Board, who leaked the tests?

    • College Board apparently made the test and answers public as part of a post-test review service.

  4. why does college board administer SAT in Asian countries where cheating, copying and disrespect is norm. It a shame that the students have no innovative skills and become worker bees, geeks. Shame on you cheaters

  5. Jana permalink

    I need the test and the answers to practice for my upcoming SAT

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